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    Our Eternal Presence (Soul & Reincarnation)

    What happens when we die?  What an old question and in truth, each of us probably have a different world-view.  For some there is reincarnation, for others, there is a soul that goes to one place or another. Others still may have a nihilistic view that we dissolve back into the source from whence we […] More

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    Eric Pepin’s concept of Darkside

    This is a lengthy 20+ min video on Eric Pepin and his teachings.  I bring up a variety of things that happened to me since starting Eric Pepin’s teachings.  I bring up Eric’s use of the word “Darkside” and why I changed my view (from not agreeing with Eric, to agreeing with his use of […] More

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    Dreams about a Simulated Relaity

    Last night I had some pretty intense dreams – one right after the other. Before going to bed, my son was having a headache, so I sat up with him. When I went to bed, I put two fingers on my mind chakra/3rd eye and put focus there.  As I breathed, I visualized the breath […] More

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    Over the past few weeks, I’ve noticed an increase in knowledge (intuition) of things before they occur.  These are simple things.  But still, it’s worth jotting down. A friend of mine approached me recently.  He talked with me about his job and the people there. He wanted more money and felt he wasn’t sure his […] More

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