by Brian | 6:09 pm

Measured Breathing

Having not done this in some time, I found it refreshing to begin the practice again. Measured breathing (specifically the four phase or four fold breathing technique) is very helpful for relaxation and reducing

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by Brian | 8:35 am

Schizophrenic Belief Systems

Beliefs, even if not scientific in themselves, should be logical unto themselves.  When one says, “well I believe this to be true,” no matter how fantastic it may sound, if it is logical to

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by Brian | 4:19 pm

My Issue with the Election

The 2016 election is upon us.  Tomorrow, Nov. 8, many people will be taking to the polls to vote in a new president.  While some find it exciting, this particular election has been filled

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by Brian | 3:31 pm

The Power Dynamics of Donald Trump and his Followers

Why do people follow Donald Trump?  He makes outrageous statements, he insults and hurts others with his words and people flock to him.  The more outrageous the statement, the more he seems to draw

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by Brian | 3:57 pm

A True Christian

It’s no wonder that so many have sought spiritual guidance apart from the Christian churches they were raised in – after all, just look at the Christian landscape.  Today, being a “Christian” seems to

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by Brian | 3:32 pm

Eternal Life

We often hear from modern ministers that one must be “saved” in order to have eternal life.  This Salvation is an adherence to doctrine that Jesus is the only way to God.  Yet throughout

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