by Brian | 7:06 pm

Writing as Meditation – The Path to Peace

A common theme I hear from people is the difficulty they have with meditation.  Their thoughts are wild and jumping and they find it difficult to sit and focus.  To such folks, I’ve suggested

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by Brian | 9:22 pm

Prayer – How to Pray for Our “Enemies”

Let’s talk about prayer today.  Specifically prayer for those who may upset us (those we might even consider an “enemy.”)  Typically, the two types of prayer that I commonly hear are a) pleading for

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by Brian | 5:12 pm

The problem of radicalization

Today in the news, a mass shooting has occurred. As it turns out the shooters were a husband and wife team.  They killed 14 individuals.  Their faith is now called into question – they

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by Brian | 4:07 pm

Bodhichitta and Merit

Last night I was reading a book by Sam Webster (titled Tantric Thelema), in which he discussed some of the core tenants of Tibetan Buddhism.  I had forgotten of these three aspects of meditation,

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by Brian | 3:47 pm

When Meditation Becomes Difficult

If you’re like me, there are moments where meditation becomes a challenge.  It may seem almost impossible to just sit and practice it.  The mind is either too restless, or the ego is too

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by Brian | 4:46 pm

God Within All

In oneness, I greet you. You the reader, you are right now, connected with the Divine source. It may not feel that way.  It may not seem that way at times, but it is

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