Dreams about a Simulated Relaity

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Last night I had some pretty intense dreams – one right after the other.

Before going to bed, my son was having a headache, so I sat up with him.

When I went to bed, I put two fingers on my mind chakra/3rd eye and put focus there.  As I breathed, I visualized the breath coming into this point and filling me with life force.  This force I expanded to “lighten” the room and envelope the house, keeping us safe and secure.

All was well, I was relaxed and fell asleep.

Panic & Simulated Reality

Somewhere in the middle of the night, I woke up and found myself sitting in bed. I had a confusion going on.  This is my typical panic attack (which I’ve had for about 7 years.)  When this occurs I find myself in a state of panic and/or confusion.  I don’t know if I’m alive. I often feel like I just died.  I find it hard to believe this is real (the world around me) and I’m confused by being here.

My wife usually talks me down, but she was so tired none of her words made any sense, which added to my confusion 🙂  After a few moments, the panic and confusion was gone and I simply used the restroom and went back to bed.

Dreams of Simulated Realities

I had many dreams, all with the same theme: that the tapestry of the dream was not real.  There was a stressful nature to each dream.  In each dream I found myself in a location, looking to get somewhere.  Yet I could never get to where I wanted to go because the simulated reality of the dreamscape kept changing.

Dream: Las Vegas

In the first dream, I found myself walking with my oldest nephew, on the streets of Las Vegas.  We were walking through the crowd, looking to get transportation to a specific place.  After we got there, we wanted to get back to our hotel (Cesar’s Palace.)

We would be so close to the hotel, but each time we walked into the hotel, we found ourselves somewhere else.  The city would shift and move us into another location…. a parking garage for example.  Or another hotel, like the Venetian.

The dream was incredibly frustrating.  My nephew was on the phone with my oldest brother.  My nephew was explaining we were trying to get home, and I lost my patience with it all – cursing about the whole unreal situation.

Each time we got close to our hotel, the reality shifted and moved us back out again.

Dream: Theme Park

In another dream I found myself in a theme park, much like Magic Mountain.

There was a feeling in the dream of constant danger. I was on edge and had quite a bit of anxiety.  In the dream I was looking for the exit, but each time I got close the park seemed to shift and I found myself back in the park, confused.

Other Dreams

After each dream, I would wake up and then drift off to sleep. This theme of being trapped in a fake reality repeated all night.  I probably had a good 5 dreams about it.  Some dreams were more confusing and hard to relate.


There could be several reasons for this.  First off, I have been reading a lot about the “real world” being an illusion of sorts.  But I also triggered my mind chakra… an energy center that acts as a spiritual gateway for contact with the Divine.

I think that started a process of working out my confused reality.  It was a series of dreams to help me recognize that what I think is real may not be as real as I think it is.  In Hinduism, the physical world is called Maya (meaning “Illusion”) and in Buddhism the idea of emptiness defines the physical world as not being what we think it is.  In all cases, there is fakery involved in the physical experience.  Like a simulated reality.

That theme played out in my dreams, to help me be more aware of it.

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