Gratitude to Higher Balance and Eric Pepin

Over the past month, I’ve been heavily involved in the study of material from Eric Pepin and the Higher Balance Institute.  So much of my attention has been on it, I’ve been remiss to write on this blog.  I’ve been focusing my energies on the newer blog: White Cell Life.  White Cells, as in the Human blood, are a reference to the spiritually minded.  Eric Pepin made use of this analogy in his work “Handbook of the Navigator.”

The blog, linked above, is focused on results, insights and feelings I’ve had in the study of this material.

To which, I wanted to state on this blog, have lead to many breakthroughs and insights.  I am very grateful to Eric Pepin and the Higher Balance Institute.

Through their lectures and books, I’ve found ways to:

  • Cut anxieties, stress and worry
  • Seen more optical based Auras
  • Found direction and insight by “feeling”
  • Raise my tonal state
  • Had paranormal phenomena occur
  • Losing my ego
  • Better handling the world

If interested, you can, of course, look into the other blog of mine, or better yet try the material out yourself:

The Higher Balance Institute’s Main Page

Higher Balance’s YouTube Channel

Handbook of the Navigator ver. 2

Meditations with Eternity

Igniting the Sixth Sense

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