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Over the past few weeks, I’ve noticed an increase in knowledge (intuition) of things before they occur.  These are simple things.  But still, it’s worth jotting down.

A friend of mine approached me recently.  He talked with me about his job and the people there. He wanted more money and felt he wasn’t sure his desire for a higher salary was being received well.

When I thought about it, I immediately felt that he worked for people who had an aversion to pay him more because he was not a college level graduate.  As it turns out, now a month later, this is in deed the excuse given to him.  He called me this morning to tell me that he got a raise but it was very small. When he complained about it, they told him they couldn’t foresee paying him more than that due to his lack of education.

Also today, I was watching a new episode of a comedy.  In the comedy there was a character who was a robot, learning about “practical jokes.”  It came to my attention that he would cut off another crew members leg as part of learning humor.  A very bizarre and weird event.  I dismissed the thought as being too outrageous.  Yet, sure enough, 26 min. into the episode, one of the crewmen wakes up to a missing leg… the robot getting a good chuckle at his predicament.  The oddity here is that I had no foreknowledge of this episode. There was no preview of it. It simply was something that came to me.

I’m learning to trust these sensations and feelings more.  There seems to be some benefit to it. I’m going to tag posts like this as “hits.”

What do you think?

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