Oneness with the Eternal Mind of God


Licensed from Fotolia © Elena Ray -
Licensed from Fotolia © Elena Ray –

In Oneness there is Freedom, Hope and Life – in that state of mind there is only the Divine Source (The Eternal

Mind of God.)

I believe that Oneness with God is achieved ultimately, through realization, that is to say, direct experience.

My realization was, that I am creating each moment of my existence, and so are you. This is the wisdom of the East that tells us of how our actions today create our future tomorrow.

This realization came to me:

It isn’t the manifestation that’s important, but the creative act itself.

For example

My wife and I had a financial need this year.  We prayed and requested spiritual assistance, and we received the required funds within a month.  It was an answer to prayer.

But the real reason to rejoice, is not the funds we received, instead we should rejoice over the act of creation itself.  The act of prayer that created the funds – this is the only point of rejoicing.  That act of creation, is spiritual. As we put our mind on the spiritual, we do not get caught into the realm of duality.  It is only when the mind is fixed on the physical outcome that the world of duality has hold of us.

The fact you and I live in a home we enjoy is our creation via the power of the Divine.  The Divine supplies the energy, you mold it (either by your actions, or by your use of spiritual law.)

What is produced (house, neighborhood, job) these are only manifestations, not the ultimate reality.

If we had a need and didn’t get the desired outcome, that also is an act of creation – which should be loved and cherished.  We are creating each moment, and the power of creation is using the Divine Source.


Licensed from Fotolia © Lonely -
Licensed from Fotolia © Lonely –

When we put our focus on the manifestation, we (as stated in the Tao Te Ching) become absorbed in the physical world of manifestation.  We are caught up in the duality of nature, the concepts of good/bad, right/wrong, rich/poor, supply/lack.

Rather, when we rejoice in the creative process itself, we touch the Divine.  We are connecting with the source that powered the reality we see.

This means…

To not only rejoice when things are seemingly “good” but to rejoice over each and every thing – noting it’s underlying reality is what we are rejoicing and loving and not the manifestation itself.  Not being as concerned for the money or the bill, the smile or the scowl… but instead saying, “Wow, I created this with God’s will and power as my source.”

By connecting with the source, rather then the manifestation, we ultimately connect with God.  By doing so, we enter a realm of peace and joy, even in the face of hardship.  We reject the trappings of “good” and overcome the trappings of “bad.”

We begin to see the Divine (Cosmic Mind, God, etc) everywhere, in everything.  Maybe we don’t experience this, but we begin to feel and know it.


Beyond this duality is the true ultimate reality.  The Tao Teh Ching says in Chapter I:

The Name that can be named is not the Eternal Name…

The nameless is the eternally real….

Naming is the origin of all particular things…

Meaning, that the world we live in is built upon labels and duality.  But the eternal real is beyond that surface level.

Free from desire you realizes the mystery…

Caught in desire you see only the manifestations.

The desire here is about life and the cares we have.  When we loose the attachments to the impervious, we see beyond the manifestations – we touch the eternally real (i.e. God or Cosmic Mind, or Creative Source.)


Here are some sample affirmations that might help.  For affirmations to work you must spiritualize them, as well as repeat them throughout your day.

vipassanaWhat I mean by spiritualize… You need to be in tune with your own spiritual core.  If you have been meditating and are able to put your attention at the Ajna Chakra (3rd Eye) – then do so while mentally repeating the affirmation to yourself.

The affirmation must be mentally repeated throughout the day.  This can easily be done today by setting reminders on our smart phones and digital calendars.  Just set appointments for yourself… the appointment is just the affirmation.  Your phone/computer will ring with the affirmation listed and just take a moment to put your attention on the Third Eye (the point just behind the forehead) and repeat the statement… each word said with clarity of understanding.

Here is an example list of affirmations:

I am ONE with the Eternal Mind of God, seeing all the Good in my life as a manifestation from the Creative source of God.

I am ONE with Cosmic Energy flowing through the Universe, knowing that good and bad are just labels to my creation.

God is the source, and I am creating my life experience each day with God’s supply of infinite potential.

I rejoice in the creative process, in whatever it brings me each day, as it is the ultimate reality of God’s infinite presence.

If the first one is the one you choose for today, you could set 5 appointments with yourself on Google Calendar, or on your iPhone, etc.  Each appointment has the title:

I am ONE with the Eternal Mind of God, seeing all the Good in my life as a manifestation from the Creative source of God.

When this appointment appears on your phone, calendar, etc, just take a moment to:

  • Relax
  • Center
  • Put your attention at the point just behind the forehead
  • Breathe through the nose, slowly
  • Mentally state the affirmation

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