by Brian | 3:47 am

Cyrus Anointing and Politics

There are Christians who have embraced a notion called the “Cyrus Anointing.”  It is spoken with such marketed zest, one almost feels that a trademark symbol should be appended to the term.  Such believers

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by Brian | 9:17 pm

All are the path

This has been a trying time for me personally. I must admit my faults here.  I have been frustrated, angry and hostile… in part due to things said politically and more in part to

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by Brian | 3:14 am

Christianity Today A Political Agenda

Heavy decisions often come with a heavy heart.  My personal life was one framed around secrecy of my spiritual beliefs.  I was raised in a Christian home.  My father a minister from the Assemblies

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by Brian | 4:19 pm

My Issue with the Election

The 2016 election is upon us.  Tomorrow, Nov. 8, many people will be taking to the polls to vote in a new president.  While some find it exciting, this particular election has been filled

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by Brian | 6:45 am

An Honest Question: Is there hope?

This political age we find ourselves in has become quite challenging.  The challenge isn’t to elect Clinton.  Nor is the challenge to get an alternate elected. Nor is the challenge to simply defeat Trump

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by Brian | 3:41 pm

Finding Purpose – in Meditation

What follows is a purely mystical and magical experience. You may find it folly, or perhaps you think it madness.  Some may find it true.  It’s my writings of a moment, captured to record

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