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    Assimilation Experiment #1

    After listening to “Mind Touch” by Eric Pepin, while driving home tonight, I was impressed with his ideas on psychometry and assimilation.  Assimilation is an idea of Pepin’s where a person can take on feel/aspect of something or someone. An interesting part of his teaching is that if we assimilate a person (meaning we fully […] More

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    Higher Balance Meditation via YouTube

    I came across a really nice meditation on YouTube.  The source of the meditation is Eric Pepin and Higher Balance Institute.  You can check out their channel [link]. I recommend making it full screen and watching the images as the meditation goes on: More

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    Red Cells & Souls

    As I’ve been listening and reading works by Eric Pepin and Higher Balance Institute, I’ve felt a bit compelled to give some of my own views on the works. While I agree with some of Eric’s views, one view that I have aversion to, is his ideas about the human soul (or lack thereof.) Persistence […] More

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    Review: of “The Source Realized” by Eric Pepin

    This is my second review of one of Eric Pepin’s works.  In this case, it’s a lecture I purchased (on sale – I got 4 lectures, including this one, for $24) called “The Source Realized.” To give some background, Eric Pepin is a spiritual teacher who has a variety of lectures, meditations, and books.  I’ve […] More

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    The Theme of Letting Go

    In reading the work, “Hecate: Death, Transition and Spiritual Mastery” by Jade Sol Luna, I found the theme of “letting go,” being expounded upon. Prior to this reading, I had just felt the need to write about it a few days ago and again, each day, the theme of letting go is in my mind […] More

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