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    Phoenix Meditation 10/6/17

    Higher Balance Institute has a meditation called The Phoenix Meditation.  The Phoenix meditation is a guided walkthrough of feeling and using basic Chakra points.  There are three tracks that goes with this meditation.  On with the guided meditation and a high energy, electronic beat.  Other versions of the same guided meditation are provided. My Experience […] More

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    Darkside in my Old Journal

    I have many journals – most of them online blogs.  There are however, several physical journals I’ve used over the years to catalogue my thoughts and feelings. One such journal has been in the trunk of my car.  Tonight, I felt like taking it out and jotting down something in it.  I hadn’t opened this […] More

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    Assimilation Experiment #1

    After listening to “Mind Touch” by Eric Pepin, while driving home tonight, I was impressed with his ideas on psychometry and assimilation.  Assimilation is an idea of Pepin’s where a person can take on feel/aspect of something or someone. An interesting part of his teaching is that if we assimilate a person (meaning we fully […] More

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    Higher Balance Meditation via YouTube

    I came across a really nice meditation on YouTube.  The source of the meditation is Eric Pepin and Higher Balance Institute.  You can check out their channel [link]. I recommend making it full screen and watching the images as the meditation goes on: More

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    Red Cells & Souls

    As I’ve been listening and reading works by Eric Pepin and Higher Balance Institute, I’ve felt a bit compelled to give some of my own views on the works. While I agree with some of Eric’s views, one view that I have aversion to, is his ideas about the human soul (or lack thereof.) Persistence […] More

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    Review: of “The Source Realized” by Eric Pepin

    This is my second review of one of Eric Pepin’s works.  In this case, it’s a lecture I purchased (on sale – I got 4 lectures, including this one, for $24) called “The Source Realized.” To give some background, Eric Pepin is a spiritual teacher who has a variety of lectures, meditations, and books.  I’ve […] More

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