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    Gifts and Attachments

    The Gift-Giver On my morning commute, I found myself remembering a volatile time in my youth.  On only two occasions in my lifetime did I have a physical altercation with my father.  The last time we were aggressive with each other, was when I was 16 years old. My father had given me a gift […] More

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    Measured Breathing

    Having not done this in some time, I found it refreshing to begin the practice again. Measured breathing (specifically the four phase or four fold breathing technique) is very helpful for relaxation and reducing anxiety – at least for me.  The practice itself is found in the cultures of India, as far as I can […] More

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    A Buzzing Bee

    Monday, this week, I was driving to work.  I had a lot on my mind.  While driving, I was also playing some audiobooks on Buddhism and Koans.  My mind would worry, grow concerned about things coming up in the next few months. That’s when I heard the bee.  Somehow a bee got stuck in my […] More

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    Perfection of the Bent Pole

    Taking a walk outside my office, I noticed a nearby hotel.  On the roof was a windsock, one of those poles with a red sock that visually identifies wind direction.  This particular pole was bent, perhaps from years of abusive wind. A memory of something I heard reappeared as I noticed it: “Everything is perfect.” […] More

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    Fleecing a Church

    This story is true and is congruent with current affairs. When I was younger (late High School or Early College), I operated a sound booth at a local church.  My parents attended a Assemblies of God church (my father had resigned from the ministry by this point and was working as a painter) in our area. […] More

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    Schizophrenic Belief Systems

    Beliefs, even if not scientific in themselves, should be logical unto themselves.  When one says, “well I believe this to be true,” no matter how fantastic it may sound, if it is logical to itself – it is self-evident. One might believe in karma and reincarnation.  Another might believe in a single lifetime and a […] More

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