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    Shantideva and Measuring Happiness

    Shantideva & Hapiness I came across an article called, “Putting Shantideva to the test.”  The author relates the teaching of suffering (from Master Shantideva): All the happiness there is in this world Arises from wishing others to be happy, And all the suffering there is in this world Arises from wishing ourself to be happy. An […] More

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    Scientology: Suppressive People (SPs)

    One of the controversial ideas from those on the outside, is the Church of Scientology’s stand on SP’s (Suppressive People.) I too have issue with it and yet I find partial value in the belief. Suppressive People and the Ups and Downs When I was in Scientology, early on I took a course on the […] More

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    Scientology: E-Meter

    One of the biggest questions I got when I was a Scientologist was, “Does the E-meter Work?” What is a Scientology E-Meter? The E-Meter is an electronic device that is supposed to spot mental blocks, withheld information and pain.  The idea behind it is a theory that we block painful moments.  We try not to […] More

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    Scientology: What it was Like Being In It

    I’ve had this topic on my mind for some time now.  I think it’s important for a larger scope to discuss.  It’s about respect and compassion… and the lack thereof in today’s world.  This is going to be Part I, of a series I do on Scientology topics.  It’s important to understand something before we […] More

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    The Power Dynamics of Donald Trump and his Followers

    Why do people follow Donald Trump?  He makes outrageous statements, he insults and hurts others with his words and people flock to him.  The more outrageous the statement, the more he seems to draw followers.  It doesn’t matter if he’s even wrong.  The strength of his draw isn’t in his accuracy – it’s something altogether […] More

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