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I started this site several years ago.  At the time I wanted to collect various sources of spiritual wisdom and show the cross currents they share.  As times have changed, I think the spirit of the site has as well.

We’ve entered an age that is unlike anything I have lived through in this country.  People of various spiritual traditions have openly embraced a philosophy that is contrary to their paths.  I started reporting on it with regards to the Christian paradigm, but I’ve seen it in other spiritual traditions as well.

What is occurring is that our society is focusing more on the mundane plane of existence and while that is business as usual for the vast majority of people – it is quite a new process for the spiritually  minded.

I can’t change them, or anyone.  Master Shantideva said it in a parable… “how much leather do you need to cover the whole world to protect your feet?  Or is it enough to simply cover your own feet?”  In other words… we can’t change the world.  We (me) can’t change others.  This is a collective karma we’re entered into.  People are moving into a new focus.

I can’t change them, nor should I be invested in the change in others.

The only person I can change is me.

I do hope that others will come to find the common unity and cross currents in other faiths – and find a way of uniting in love and compassion… I have seen this slip in my own life as I react daily to events that either upset or deprive me of happiness.  The problem is not “out there,” but with myself – I am not sure I am capable of providing quality content at this time.

With this in mind, I’m considering pausing the publishing of content, and perhaps ending the site altogether – I feel its usefulness (or my ability to express the right motivation) may now be over.



I wouldn’t quit working on this blog. I have enjoyed reading your posts and I am not sure how much volume you have, but I am sure others have enjoyed it as well. I find it most interesting that you and I can agree probably about 90% on spirituality related topics, and yet find it hard to have common ground in secular politics. I think it is because the two are separate that it is so hard to reconcile religious teachings with state politics. It is the difference in callings between Pilate and Jesus. Jesus teaches higher truth, and I think some of his teachings are extreme because he was trying to get across extreme points. His teachings instruct us on how we should live our individual lives. Pilate has the decision making position. Something has to be done, one can go left or right and no matter what you do people will despise you for it. I think that is why Pilate said the one phrase that means more than most realize “What is truth?” I think Pilate is one of the most honest and human figure in the entire story. I think he said what we feel. We do not “know” what the truth is, it’s not in a book, no one tells you what it is, and you have to find it for yourself. It is worth noting that in the record Jesus did not correct him. This is why there is a separation of church and state. It is best to have a secular state that makes the best decision for its citizens based on the information rather than religious teachings. The state makes decisions that have consequence where there are generally no good choices. Religion entertains ideas without understanding the consequence.

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If you do decide to end it would you mind sending me your email address, You should have mine below.

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