Phoenix Meditation 10/6/17

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Higher Balance Institute has a meditation called The Phoenix Meditation.  The Phoenix meditation is a guided walkthrough of feeling and using basic Chakra points.  There are three tracks that goes with this meditation.  On with the guided meditation and a high energy, electronic beat.  Other versions of the same guided meditation are provided.

My Experience with the Phoenix Meditation

I’ve used the meditation several times.  I found it opened my third eye quite well, even when working at the degree of the heart Chakra.

Today I ran the meditation again and had a unique experience.

10/6/17 – Morning

On this morning I ran the recording and went through the meditation like before. After an occasion, I would find my mind drifted to dark thoughts. Fears, worries, concerns.  I would catch myself and throw the Darkness off.  Then it would return. I’d find my mind had gravitated to fears of future loss… loss of loved ones.  A whole story rolled out where I lost someone close to me and felt the compassion of strangers as they looked at my tragedy of a life.

I shook the last thoughts off and the music was building and I mentally cried out for a spiritual answer to help let go of these worries.  Then an answer floated up to my awareness, “you want a tragedy to define you.”  By “you” I knew it meant the lowest form of identity… not the real “me.”

It was right.  As my fingers were touching my heart center, I knew the answer was right.  There is a part of me that wants to be defined by tragedy.  When people talk to me, I bring up the tragedy – thinking it will provoke a reaction… a compassion.  But this makes me a victim.

In that realization, I turned into the meditation with all of my willpower and I felt this surge of power through me.  It was like an electrical force surging through and around me… like flying in a rocket, straight up – the surroundings melting into energy.

The Darkness slid off me.  Those worries, those fears… those needs to be defined by tragedy melted away. I felt I was flying past all those old feelings.

My hand, pressed against the center of my chest, began to shake.  A power flooded through me and all terrors blew out like a candle flame.

The meditation moved on to the third eye – fingers now pressed against the forehead.  For me, this time, the meditation was closing down.  The power of it was already realized.

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