Review: of “The Source Realized” by Eric Pepin

Some critique of Eric Pepin’s world-view

This is my second review of one of Eric Pepin’s works.  In this case, it’s a lecture I purchased (on sale – I got 4 lectures, including this one, for $24) called “The Source Realized.”

To give some background, Eric Pepin is a spiritual teacher who has a variety of lectures, meditations, and books.  I’ve written about his main work, “Handbook of the Navigator v.2” in a previous post.

The Source Realized

This lecture is in 5 parts (tracks.)  I listened to it while on the way to work this morning, and with my commute, I finished it right when I got to the office.

The lecture is recorded live and covers some concepts mentioned in “The Handbook of the Navigator v.2.”  He does introduce some new material and goes into more detail on various topics. Questions from the audience are also answered.

We start the lecture with Eric Pepin’s views on creation, the creator/God and life. He makes an engaging argument for how things came into existence.  I won’t go into the details here, but to summarize Eric believes that God was created through movement in the vacuum of space. One change, caused another, and another, until an electrical buildup was made and then from that, a form of conscious awareness appeared and then dimensional creation occurred.

When I listen to Eric, I feel he has digested much of the works of physicists like Hawking, and at the same time ancient spiritual beliefs from different cultures – codifying it into a unified theory.  The ideas presented on “the beginning of the Universe,” sounds like something Hawking might teach.  Yet, the idea of the originating creation being God has elements of Kabbalah, and some unique qualities from his own views.

Eric builds upon his early analysis (in the first track) of how the earth is a living organism (similar to our own individual bodies being a home of individual organisms.)  Extrapolating from this point, we get into the nature of the Universe and Universal Consciousness.

The Darkside

Update 10/5/17: After writing the paragraphs below I went on with my day.  I was listening to another lecture of Eric Pepin’s (“Mind Touch”) on the way home.  After getting home I opened the trunk of my car and I spotted an old black journal.

About a year ago I started using this small journal to jot ideas down.  Usually I use blogs to shape my ideas, but in this case I was going back to my roots and thought I’d keep a physical book/journal.

I took it out of my car and set down to read it.  The very first page uses the word Darkside.  This was unusual for me. I’ve never used the term prior to that journal, as it sounds to much like a Star Wars reference.

As I read the passage in the journal I remembered the feelings of emptiness, lonliness and loss that day.  That old shadow of depression was on me then, and I wrote with its influence.  Darkside was a reference to this enemy… this internal enemy.

I realize now, Eric Pepin might be right in his analysis of the word Darkside (having evil intent.)  I’m going to change my stance on what I said earlier (below) and say now that I think Eric Pepin is right… the Darkside is nefarious.

You can read my quote from the old journal.  I wrote it down in another post, at this blog.  I don’t use the word “Darkside” and to see it referenced here a year ago (a year before reading Eric Pepin’s works) is quite shocking.

Where I have difficulty following, is in his cinematic exposition of “the darkside.”  “If there is a God, there must be an equal opposite to God,” Eric summarizes.  This “darkside” is a force he feels has evil intent.  He teaches that the “dark side” wants to destroy and suppress life.

My view is different.  I feel we get into microcosmic thinking when we go down this road.  This is yet another “Good vs. Evil” approach to life.  Eric is very keen and knowledgeable.  He is skilled at showing us relationships between one perspective vs. another.  His analogy of an island is very skilled at depicting this (as you live on the island, you may  not recognize it as such… as you boat away from it, you see it as an island… as you boat further away it flattens out to a small image of a single object, like a rock.)  In other words, it is all about perspective!

To us, death is evil.  Yet without death (in a world of procreation), we would be overrun.  A forest, for example, grows healthier as it undergoes natural fires.  While yes, fires destroy trees, it leaves behind the seeds of trees to spread and grow anew.  At one and the same time a forest fire is both evil and benefitial – it all depends on perspective.   Like his island analogy, it’s all about perspective.  To an individual tree, or forest dweller, the fire is perhaps “evil,” yet to the hands of time, it might be the greatest benefactor.

Like his island analogy, it’s all about perspective.  To an individual tree, or forest dweller, the fire is perhaps “evil,” yet to the hands of time, it might be the greatest benefactor.

However, the idea of a sinister, fear-based intelligence called the Darkside just doesn’t work for me.  Where I feel resistance is with the idea of some consciousness equal and averse to God.  It sounds very Star Wars, and it has a cool ring to it, but is it true?  It’s an attractive idea for some, to think they are playing a role in a space drama… but is it true?

To Buy or Not to Buy

That’s the question… is this lecture worth the price tag?

At the official storefront, the current price (as of this writing) is $109.00.  You can check for price drops:

Most of the lecture is covered in his book “Handbook of the Navigator v.2.”  There are other items in the lecture and he answers some questions from the audience… I just can’t say it’s worth $100+

I bought this through a promotion off the RebelGuru site, for roughly $24 (which included this lecture and 3 others.)  If you get that deal, yes it’s worth it.

There are gems in the lecture.  Yet it’s less than an hour long and much of the content is covered in a book of his that you can buy for $5.

What do you think?

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