Reviewing “Handbook of the Navigator” by Eric Pepin

Recently I came across a Facebook ad for a spiritual based book called “Handbook of the Navigator” 2nd edition.  It was written by Eric Pepin.  I knew nothing about him but began a research project into the man, his work and the book itself.

As far as I can tell, this is the official link to the work:

When I bought it through the advertisement, it came with an offer that allowed me to get a few other things for free (such as some guided meditations.)  I also added to the purchase, some of the author’s lectures – his Foundation series.)

My Rollercoaster Ride

Initially, I had a strong aversion to the work.  It was Chapter 2 and Chapter 6 that really bugged me. In fact, I put the book down.  I think a lot of folks stop right there.  However, in doing some of his meditation work (which I had for free), I found some new appreciation to Eric Pepin and decided to return to the Handbook of the Navigator and finish it.

As I went past Chapter 6, I found other chapters to have amazing gems of wisdom and insight.  My initial issues remained, but yet I found amazing gems in his teachings.

Due to my past, I have trust issues with spiritual organizations.  As such, I googled him and found various articles written about the author.  As far as I can tell, many folks have borderline slandered him. Some have made fake sites pretending to be him… he’s definitely caused a stir.

In the next page (click next), I’ll talk about what I found out… and then will discuss his book in a lot more detail.

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