Reviewing “Handbook of the Navigator” by Eric Pepin


I think a lot of folks will find this pretty cool. Eric Pepin takes an approach to unmasking reality, a bit different than that of Hinduism or Buddhism.  All of the eastern paths feel that reality is not “real.” That it isn’t “hard” but soft and pliable.

When we find a break in reality, or we have an exprience of something greater than the physical world, Eric terms this breakthrough as a glitch.  Like a “glitch in the matrix.”

Example: Invocation

In my personal life, I had practiced many forms of magick. On one occasion, I summoned a spiritual being (expecting to see some vague misty presence in a scrying mirror.) To my sheer shock and terror it appeared in my physical space as a glowing sphere of light. It radiated its own luminosity. It was the size of a baseball and glowed like a small sun. It was golden, the light was soft and it floated around me in a semi-ciricle – vanishing from view. The whole experience lasted a few seconds but it is what Eric might call a “glitch.”

Example: The Vanishing Cigar

This is a more mundane personal example: While reading his book I had a funny glitch. It may have been my imagination, but something odd did occur.  I just had started reading his book and left for work.  I had a cigar (which I rarely smoke) in the car on this platform for my keys (above the center console.)  While driving I even noticed the cigar several times.

I get to work and it’s gone.  I mean it’s not there. I look under the seats, I look under the carpet. I look everywhere in my small car and that cigar is simply GONE.  I started thinking I didn’t bring it with me. But I certainly recalled seeing it in the car.

I tell my wife… she thinks I’m just a bad searcher and tries to find it.  She spends about 15m in my car with no luck.  Nothing.  She looks between the seats and the console, under the seats, etc. The cigar is gone.  She assumes I never had it.

A few days later, I’m sitting in the car and look down and there, plain as day is the cigar.  I tell her about it… she says “but I looked there…”

A Better Glitch Story

While my story above is a simple story, it illustrates something unusual.  A glitch is something unusual. I may not have experienced a glitch… maybe we just didn’t look closely enough.

I did find a much better idea of a glitch.  In this story, this young man tells his experience with a glitch… and it’s a lot more engaging and impactful:

When I listen to this fellow talk about his bizarre experience in a graveyard, I have it say it sounds so fascinating.  He doesn’t come off as someone making it up.  I honestly believe he believes what he saw.

Experience is what many (myself included) are looking for.  I’ve had my share of experiences.  In the use of magick, mysticism, I’ve seen or heard various things.  While looking into Higher Balance Institute, I came across the experiences of others.  These videos are very interesting and exciting.

If you’d like to see some videos of people’s experiences, you can check it out by clicking Next…

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