Reviewing “Handbook of the Navigator” by Eric Pepin

Higher Balance Experiences

I know I’m getting a bit off course here.  This was meant to be a book review and I’ve turned it into a review of a their whole sytem (Higher Balance.)  I think it’s important to consider the organization along with the material.

Consider the following experiences put into words by various members:

That’s so cool to hear people having spiritual experiences. Even if you say, “oh it’s just in their mind,” most of us would give quite a bit to experience something as amazing.  In my own life I had some amazing experiences in my own paths.  Those events charged me so much.  That’s why it’s so great to see something that touched these people.

Yet… not all of what Eric Pepin teaches resonates with me.  You might wonder what that is… he has some really strong points that a lot of people just can’t digest.

Click Next, for information that I feel Eric Pepin misses the mark on…

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