Schizophrenic Belief Systems

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Beliefs, even if not scientific in themselves, should be logical unto themselves.  When one says, “well I believe this to be true,” no matter how fantastic it may sound, if it is logical to itself – it is self-evident.

One might believe in karma and reincarnation.  Another might believe in a single lifetime and a God (creator.)  These beliefs are quite different, yet they are true and logical unto themselves.

From a philosophical point of view, beliefs like this have a logic.  Now, consider a different belief, a schizophrenic belief:

What if we believed in a God who taught that we must love one another, even our enemies.  That the idea of murder, killing, and greed were all sins.  It has a logic to it.  Yet, what if members of this belief also stated they require a strong ruler with an iron fist.  That they were scared of their enemies and wished them dead.  That they had little compassion for outsiders or those that might harm them.  Such a belief would seem to be a mentality or approach characterized by inconsistent or contradictory elements… and such is the very definition of Schizophrenia.

This has occurred in many (perhaps all) religions and belief systems at one time or another.  When fear pervades the senses, it shifts the needs and makes new demands.  It may instruct one to reverse course and go in a completely opposite direction, while at the same time holding to the ideals in the previous path.  Such a system is illogical and the belief breaks down.  It has little strength as the divergent paths wear down the energy of commitment.

In Japanese Buddhism, this schizophrenia is evident in their militarized meditation practices.  While the Buddha taught that it was better to die than to kill… that one’s actions always return karmically and that the path of peace is the way to freedom, they instead delved into resolution of physical concerns with militarism.

Today in America some Christians have adopted this as well.

It is not just religions.  Contradictory belief systems can be found in political structures as well.  It is not logical and has a conclusion in pain and suffering.  It is best to strive for consistency, without which few will respect the paths we are on.

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