3 Doors of Liberation

Thich Nhat Hanh speaks about the common truism in Buddhism – the 3 doors of liberation.  These doors are forms of concentration (concentration on emptiness, signlessness and aimlessness.)
Emptiness (between being and non-being)
Signlessness (not caught in appearances/form)
Aimlessness (being in the present moment, without other purpose or intent – otherwise described as abstaining from actions based on desire.)

For Methods of Mindful Breathing

  1. meditation on impermanence (example: if your loved one makes you angry, you could meditate and visualize your loved one 300 years from now… and yourself 300 years from now.  The realization can remove the anger in the moment.)
  2. meditation on non-having (example: look into the nature of the object that is being craved. There is a hook inside/a trap inside. Insight into this true nature of the object will allow you freedom.)
  3. meditation on cessation (example: removing of all notions of duality – being/nobeing, above/below.  Removing these notions, removes fear and despair. Contemplating a cloud, for example… the cloud didn’t come from non-being, but existed and when the cloud appears gone it isn’t non-being, but continues in rain, tea, water, in trees.)
  4. meditation on letting go


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