A Buzzing Bee

Monday, this week, I was driving to work.  I had a lot on my mind.  While driving, I was also playing some audiobooks on Buddhism and Koans.  My mind would worry, grow concerned about things coming up in the next few months.
That’s when I heard the bee.  Somehow a bee got stuck in my car.  I rolled the windows down, opened the moon roof, but it wouldn’t leave.  It kept itself to the rear window.  It was quite annoying, listening to the buzzing bee.. and very distracting.
So too is the mind.  Often it has its own buzzing noise – worrying about potential futures, stressed about something out of reach, angry about something or sad about other things.  All the while the illuminated mind is obscured by the thoughts of the buzzing mind.
That bee brought me to mindfulness.  It reminded me of my nature and how I too had a buzzing bee, distracting me from truth.

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