America: Religion & Hate

What Many Have Feared

In 2016, many of us said a warning about racism in America.  Many of us warned about an increase in hate crime and racial aggression.  We were often told we were following “fake news,” or that we weren’t being logical.  I was told that the campaign of President Trump was “not prejudicial no violent,” even though the evidence seemed to speak to the contrary.
I have discussed this at length with so many people.  I’ve come to realize that they won’t change their views or minds because they believe Donald Trump is God’s answer.  If it was God’s will to elect this man and this man turns out to be a charlatan, they simply continue the narrative – ignoring all the problems.
Part of the problem is that people actually believe God was involved, prophecy was involved… to elect Donald Trump. Because of that, if they come to realize that Trump has been (all along) flirting with hate groups, then all that prophecy and such was false. Such folks won’t except that, so they continue with the narrative.
Why talk about this?  Honestly, I don’t want to. Honestly, I look forward to the day that I can return to talking about purely positive spiritual messages.  But sadly, each passing month, there’s more insanity in this country.  I have to talk about it.  I have to point it out.
Before I get into this article, I’d like to point out that I’m not one of those Trump haters, who can’t ever allow give him a break.  I’ve prayed for him. I care for our president.  I care for those who support him… but I have to point this out again and again – he is not a Christian. He is not a Spiritual person.  He is a carnal person… and sadly, spiritual people have made him a god.
In the following 9 pages, I cover a variety of problems with the Trump campaign, but before we get there, let’s also consider what’s happening right now.  A woman dies at an event created by self proclaimed nazi’s and White Nationalists.  Her death, now a mockery by KKK leaders, as detailed in this Fox News article.  If you read the article, notice how the KKK is stating they are glad she died, and they promise more death of such people in the future.
Our President stated today (in a very odd news conference) that the violence in Virgina was brought on by the “alt-left.”  In other words, those who protested Nazism are now “alt-left.”  Click “next” and continue through with this article.

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