Book Review: God Can Be Your Coach by Wade Galt

Review: God Can Be Your Coach

Link:  God Can Be Your Coach (God Equals Love)
I really loved this book.  It’s simple and straight to the point.  Very practical. Personally, I love a good spiritual book that has practical things to do, to help me change or improve.  The reason I would buy a book like this, is to improve my own life situations.  This book has, at the end of each chapter, a short exercise to perform to achieve the goals of each section.
The author is quite correct that while words and teachings help, it is direct experience (or perception) that is the real deal.  You can see stars in the sky and someone could tell you that by the law of the ancients stars don’t exist.  But your direct perception has more weight for you, than the dogma you are told.  What the author is striving for here is to get the reader to have a direct connection with God.
That’s what is so refreshing.  This isn’t a person saying, “I found God, he told me the following things you need to do…” Instead the author saying that he found God, and so can we.  Each of us can have a ongoing and direct relationship to God outside the influence of dogma.  That God can be our coach, and partner through life.
In the Kindle version of this book at location #344 there’s a great quote:

“If we turn to God out of fear, we have attempted to make a dictator out of God, not a coach.”

I feel that’s spot on.
There’s a lot of similarities in the writing to New Thought concepts… ideas like creating a field of gratitude in prayer. To ask believing and so forth.  If you enjoy the writing of New Thought authors like Ernest Holmes, Michael Bernard Beckwith, I think this would be a compliment to your interest.
The book also has a wonderful section on finding ways to become consciously aware of our connection with God and when that connection is dropped or lost.  It adds to that, by finding a method to know when we are not connected to God (through body sensation or other techniques), so that when felt, we would immediately reconnect to God.
As mentioned in the book, we must also be careful of not trying to pinpoint other people’s connection (or lack thereof) to God.  But to strive for our own self.  By chastising others, or bringing up our connection with God persistently to others, we can make a relationship built on frustration.  But, if we seek to live by the connection with God, we can thereby express God in such a way everyone knows it.
I like the analogy the author uses: We don’t need to shout from the rooftops our gender.  Everyone knows it.  Similarly we don’t need to say “Hey I found God… you should do what I did….” But rather live it.
The state of being is mentioned mid way through the book. This is a great section on how our state of being (connection with God or lack thereof) effects our outcome of situations.  A simple equation is demonstrated for ease of remembering:

Opportunity + Our State of Being = Outcome

I really am thrilled about this book.  I’ve read a lot of modern spiritual material, and sometimes I take it to heart and sometimes I don’t.  I put this up there with Conversations with God, mixed with A Course in Miracles.  You have the aspect of talking to God, but you also have a practical set of steps to build that relationship yourself!
I found many gems in the material that really have benefited me… I recognized that I have a problem in trying to “prove” others “wrong.”  That came up when I read Exercise #16 in the book.  I tend to use the internet as my anonymous voice in proving others wrong.  It’s a personal problem of mine… that “I must be right, and I must prove this fellow wrong.”  The exercise here, is very valuable in helping me with connecting with God to release that problem.
If you can believe it, I’m about 65% through the book.  I found the book so inspiring that I wanted to quickly write a review on it’s merit.
I hope others will give the book a chance. I think it’s very practical and useful, if you let it be.  By that I mean, drop all preconceived notions and dogma and just give it a chance to unfold.

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