Be Careful what You Complain About

It’s often said, “Be careful what you wish for… as it might just come true.”  My wife taught me about another one:
Be careful what you complain about.
Recently, when helping my elderly parents, I was inundated with complaints.  Complaints ranging from the most important to the most insignificant.  What I found interesting was that when I went to offer straight up solutions, they sometimes rejected them on the outset.
I began to think that perhaps the complaint is a need and not something that requires a solution.  Perhaps it’s a need for attention (“Look I have this problem… it has no solution… commiserate with me please.”)
My wife taught me about this when I used to do the same thing (I probably still do, as I see it in others.)
There was a time when I worked at a really nice job in Studio City for a major Movie Studio.  I loved the job.  But when my wife would ask me about my day I would tell her stuff like, “It’s not challenging.” or “I am so bored!”  She told me, “be careful, you may just loose that job because you are so complaining about it.”
She was right,  I did loose the job.  All the staff was outsourced and I had to find another job.  The next job (for an online dating service) was truly horrible.  I wasn’t respected, I was overworked and oh how I missed the days of the easier job.  What I realized was that I was wanting someone to feel sorry for me… to get attention on some problem – even if I had to create a problem.
When I got into another great job, I took a moment to reflect on this past event and realize that it’s better to not want this negative attention, as it ultimately draws in more negativity.
So be careful what you complain about, as it might just come to pass for good.
Rather, be thankful for what you have.  Think of the All Good that is in your life right now, rejoice in it and take time, right now (as you read this) to thank the Divine source for providing for your needs.

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