First, lets elaborate on how cause and effect work.
When we see an effect in our life… something manifesting good or bad, it first had it’s beginning in a spiritual realm of thought, feeling or emotion.  This beginning occurs in the field of Ultimate Causal Power.  It’s the Divine source of creation.  This field is more powerful than any psychic seed of cause and effect as it is the great source of causation.
The following Guidelines help elaborate what should be done to deal with using the Ultimate Causal Power:

Whenever you sense that my environment needs more spiritual light, to create positive spiritual causes by calling on it.

Resolve objects that have been handled by negative people, before touching them.

If you move into a residence of location that has negativity, take steps to remove them using the Ultimate Causal Power.

The removal of these disturbances should be done daily, or else the positive effects will diminish.

To use this Ultimate Causal Power, we can use affirmations or affirmations with incense, candles and music.  But the true source is the God-Power within us, activating the Ultimate Causal Power for positive return/effect.

Example Affirmations are below:

Music Practice:

By the God Power within me, I let every musical note be Spiritual Light emanating from my playing.  It shall remove all negative psychic energies in this place.  For this I give thanks to the All Powerful God of the Universe and SO IT IS.

Nullifying the Negative Words and Feelings of Another

By the Power of the All God Mind within me, within the Core of the Kingdom of God, all thoughts, feelings and words directed to me from _________ are made powerless by the Living Presence within me.  These negative energies are are removed and for this I give thanks to the All Powerful God of the Universe, and SO IT IS.

Spiritualizing the Environment I am In

By the God Power within me, energizing and vitalizing my very being, I call upon this unlimited Power within me, to clear every inch of space in this place – to be filled with the HIGHEST Spiritual Light.  I see this Living Presence as Light, encircling this building with the Power of Peace of the Living God.  For this I give Thanks… AND SO IT IS.

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