Concentration & Absorption

The following quote is from an email newsletter from Nayaswami Devi of Ananda Village:

In his classic ashtanga yoga (eightfold path), Patanjali wrote that the path to enlightenment embraces eight stages. The sixth of these, dharana, can be described as concentration, or fixed inner awareness. The seventh is dhyana, meaning meditation or, more properly, absorption.

Our mind becomes absorbConcentration to absorption based on the teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda, author of Autobiography of a Yogied in the object of our concentration. If we concentrate on our faults, we strengthen those faults. By concentrating instead on positive qualities, we ourselves become more positive. And by concentrating on the inner light, or upon any divine reality, we gradually take on the qualities of that inner reality.

The eighth and last stage of the eightfold path is samadhi, or oneness. Swami Kriyananda has written: “Once the grip of ego has really been broken, and one discovers that he is that light, there is nothing to prevent him from expanding his consciousness to infinity.”

In whatever you do, whether in the company of others or alone, and especially in meditation, give it your fixed awareness. That will lead you to absorption, and eventually to oneness with all that is. It’s not that hard!

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