Cyrus Anointing and Politics

There are Christians who have embraced a notion called the “Cyrus Anointing.”  It is spoken with such marketed zest, one almost feels that a trademark symbol should be appended to the term.  Such believers came in the millions during the 2016 presidential election – voting in someone quite contrary to their ideals.  It’s important to understand this… and expose it for what it is, a myth, and not a theological truth.
Lance Wallnau is the main proponent of the “Cyrus anointing” concept.  He believed Donald Trump had it, and this belief spread through the Evangelical community like wildfire.  Lance is an interesting individual.  You may (or may not) know that he at one time claimed secret Christian societies had a cure for various illnessees (like Diabetes.)  He’s really out there and quite fringe.  But his Cyrus gambit paid off in droves.

The Cyrus Gambit

My first run in with the term was when I had a discussion with an Evangelical Christian who explained to me that Trump was God’s answer to a sinful America.  Perplexed at this notion, I asked how someone who inverted the most cherished teachings of Jesus was God’s answer.  We discussed this at length. I provided ample references to the teachings of Jesus.  We finally reached an impasse.  She had little in the way of religious ammo to continue the discussion and so she finalized her position with this question:

“Have you heard of Cyrus the Great?”

That caught me off guard.  It was the equivalent of a preemptive ice bucket challenge.  “Cyrus the great? No, I have not,” was my reply.  She told me about Cyrus – a leader that lived some 500 odd years before Jesus.
To sum it up, she told me that Cyrus was a leader who did great things for “God’s chosen ones,” but he wasn’t a very clean or moral individual.  In other words:
“Sometimes God uses evil people to do great good.”
That is how I interpreted her story of Cyrus. She told me this was like Trump.  Trump was anointed in this same fashion – that God was using him (a man she said she would never have voted for otherwise) to bring about great good.   I asked her, where in the teachings of Jesus, do you glean this idea that God makes use of wicked men.  I didn’t sit and wait for a reply, I simply left the discussion on that note.
This was a dangerous idea.  After all, one could use this logic to defend any tyrant.  Stalin, Mussolini … any and all could be defended by this philosophy.
As you’ll see later on, the idea of an unethical person being used by God, is termed “Common Grace.”  It’s a slogan cooked up by Lance Wallnau and used to define a new idea that God is appointing Trump (a morally off individual) to do great things.  Lance even says (and quoted later on) that the Christian voter shouldn’t look at the salvation of a candidate, but rather the anointing they have.

Cyrus here, Cyrus there, Cyrus Everywhere

The word propaganda is defined in the Merriam-Webster dictionary as:

“Propaganda: ideas, facts, or allegations spread deliberately to further one’s cause or to damage an opposing cause;”

You can spot propaganda when people quote the same phrases and references.  After all, it is quite unlikely that multiple people would have access to the same source material.
When I hear multiple people tell me the same source material and opinion, I get suspicious.  It’s a sign that mass propaganda might be at work.
I met another Evangelical Christian who told me the same Cyrus connection… we got to a point in the discussion where they also asked me, “have you heard of Cyrus?”
Wait a minute. How do two separate people both know about the same obscure historical reference?
If you take a moment and simply Google the terms, “Cyrus the great Donald Trump” a pattern emerges.  I love data and analytics. I love looking for patterns.  When I see separate people all sourcing the same thing, I begin to think it’s all about indoctrination and trickery.

Examples of Cyrus Propaganda

For reference, I’ve linked to several evangelical videos discussing Trump as the modern Cyrus. Sometimes folks like this refer to Trump’s opponents (such as Hillary) as the whore of Babylon.  It’s quite disturbing.  Also – many of these are ordained pastors, so their reach is far.

How Cyrus the Great is Propaganda

To start with, the idea of God anointing a US President who openly embraces the opposite of Christian faith – is illogical with the teachings of Jesus. Jesus never taught to get involved in government.
The story of Cyrus the Great has no bearing on Christian theology.  Jesus never talked about building a Kingdom in this world – in fact, He addressed this directly in John 18:36 and Matthew 6:19.
The message of Cyrus the Great was one of political timing.
This, my friends, is propaganda.  When someone has a specific dogma (such as Christianity) but is drawn to an opposing belief (and feels conflicted), it is propaganda that resolves any ethical dilemma.  This is nothing new.  It has happend in Germany, America, Bosnia…

Source of the Cyrus Message: Lance Wallnau

I believe the source of this new movement is Lance Wallnau.  Here is Lance Wallnau discussing this issue directly:
There’s a theme that plays throughout his message:

  • Respinning Trump (“Trump is not a racist.  Racists aren’t drawn to Trump”) – Wallnau does this spin at 2:30 in the linked video above.
  • Explaining that there is an urgent need for a Donald Trump president
  • FEAR: It’s in their very voices. They crack with fear, “We’re facing an America… A Supreme Court…” (listen in at 8:40)
  • Building the Kingdom of Earth
  • God uses people who aren’t “saved” (their terminology for a Christian) to do great things (Wallnau refers to this as “Common Grace”)

Fear, urgency and the new insistence that Christians shouldn’t look for someone who is in alignment with the teachings of Jesus, but rather the candidate who has an anointing (even if they are quite unethical.)
Lance Wallnau believes that when he met Donald Trump that he felt an anointing upon him.  He is quoted below on a Christian blog, saying he felt lead to Isaiah 45 (in regards to Trump) where the Bible discusses Cyrus.  He also makes a weird illustration that the 45th president coincides with the  Isaiah 45.  This gets into a weird psychological mythos.  Does that mean Isaiah 44 is about Obama?  This is illogical to an extreme.


“Common grace” tells us that God acts in history to raise up leaders from unlikely places for the sake of His purposes and His people. In 1860, the pious evangelical Salmon Chase was a better Christian than the men he ran against, but the wily Lincoln got the nomination. Chase could not understand why God had denied him, but in the end, the Springfield, Illinois, lawyer proved to be the most suitable vessel for the coming chaos.
From my perspective, there is a Cyrus anointing on Trump. He is, as my friend Kim Clement said three years ago, “God’s trumpet.” I predicted his nomination, and I believe he is the chaos candidate set apart to navigate us through the chaos that is coming to America. I think America is due for a shaking regardless of who is in office. I believe the 45th president is meant to be an Isaiah 45 Cyrus.” – Lance Wallnau quoted from Charismanews

Cyrus Anointing = Myth

Lance Wallnau is telling you a yarn… a myth.  He’s nearly trademarked the term and sold it and mass marketed it through the evangelical community.  There is no such thing as a Cyrus anointing.  What is written in Isaiah is specific to Cyrus.
To suggest that God uses “common grace” (raising up folks who might be ‘bad’ to do ‘good’) is plain crazy.  To link the number of a chapter to the number of this particular president is an unstable argument.
He bases the win of the election as evidence of his “prediction,” making him appear to have some sort of foreknowledge from God and this is the evidence of it.
How about we look at an alternative interpretation:
Perhaps the election was won over by those Christians indoctrinated and instructed to vote for Donald Trump. That’s millions of votes.  That could have easily won the election.  Lance could simply have worked as a pawn of the propaganda movement (which we know was existing and producing fake news about other candidates.)
There is simply no theological ground to believe in a Cyrus anointing and the teachings of Jesus. The two are incompatible.

Fear, the great enemy

Fear is often the fuel of propaganda.  Stories (usually graphic) are told to you about a group.  This was evidenced in Trump’s campaign – he would bring a victim of a crime done by an immigrant.  The victim would relay the terrible situation and the crowd would scream in anger at act.  This same crowd that may scream, “thank Jesus for Donald Trump,” now screams for death to the illegals.
A professor in college once told me:

“Statistics don’t lie, but liars use statistics”

So true that is.  When you tell a story after story of crimes committed by immigrants – negating stories of violence done by citizens – it appears that the immigrant is a big problem in society.  By scaring people with the fears of terrorism and crime, people become pawns in the game of politics.
Such people fall easily to the soothing words of a politician who promises change.

Lance Wallnau the man behind the Cyrus Anointing

Do your research, look into the character of Lance Wallnau and you will find some interesting things about his beliefs.  This Cyrus anointing is hardly is most extreme belief.
Did you know that Lance Wallnau claimed that there is a secret society of Christians who have technology to cure diabetes and other illnesses?  Listen for yourself:

“Technology is being released in the marketplace that is going to revolutionize our dependence on oil.. and it is being given to Kingdom Minded Believers…. There is technology now that can heal diabetes in a matter of months. Christians who are incorruptible are being given the keys to change the world right now.  They are not selling it.” – Lance Wallnau

Just listen to those words.  Listen. Does this sound like truth to you?  If this is true, where’s the evidence?  My father struggled with Diabetes for many years.  He died in part due to the illness.  He was a strong believer and a retired minister.  Where was his cure?
This is the same person who is now telling you that Trump has a Cyrus Anointing.
If you Google Lance Wallnau you’ll see he is listed sometimes as an Author, other times as an Entrepreneur … In one listing he complained about protesters who torched his limo.  While I don’t condone acts of violence and rage, I was stunned to see him so openly flash his wealth – a limo?  I thought you were a spiritual person… after all, “it’s harder for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than a rich man to enter heaven.”
What this sounds like to me, is the old televangelist gig.  He makes his money by scaring you, then selling you the cure for your fear.  He tells fantastic stories of cures for diabetes held by a secret group of Christians who give it for free to “kingdom minded individuals.”
Sadly, Lance doesn’t know what the Kingdom is.  He’s fighting for the “kingdom” out there – there is no fight with the real Kingdom.  It is not property to be conquered or owned.  The true Kingdom is within you.
You may like Donald Trump because he aligns to your world views.  But don’t kid yourself with a lie that he’s a Christian choice… or that he has “common grace,” or God’s anointing.  This is tall tale to give modern believers, helping them sleep at night with a decision they made against the Christian faith.

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  1. Also, I think this had far more to do with Trump winning than Christian support via Cyrus connection although I do not deny he had some of the former. I found this video of Michael Moore predicting Trump’s win before the election and sent it to some friends who thought he was going to lose. Moore had the pulse on the rust belt correct.

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