Daily Affirmations: Ernest Holmes

I am surrounded by an Infinite Intelligence which reacts to my thought.
I realize that the creative power of this Divine Intelligence is with me now, and I know that I am using this Power and that my word, operating through It, will cause It to bring into my experience the good which I desire. (Mention some specific good and accept it as an already established fact.)
Believing in divine guidance, I know that my mind is continuously impressed with the images of right action.
I know that everything in my life is controlled by the action of Truth and Love.
I am led, guided and inspired by the living Spirit.
I am compelled to move in the right direction, always to know what to do and how to do it.
I know that inwardly I am spiritually perfect, I have complete happiness, and I experience an abundance of good. Happiness and success rightfully belong to me.
I am successful in all my undertakings. (Again consciously accept the good you desire.)
Ernest Holmes, The Art of Life pg 62-63 (paperback)

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