Deep Joy

On the way to work today, I felt this peace and joy.  I had no surface thoughts. I was driving, but not bothered with day to day thoughts floating about.  I was just in the present moment.  In that space of a moment, everything seemed brighter… happier.  the music on the radio was amazing.  Everything I saw and heard had a new depth to it.
How I got to that point, I believe, is related to my work on meditating upon the Divine Consciousness.  I sat in meditation for 40min today.  Then afterwards, I read aloud to myself a series of affirmations on the Oneness with the Cosmic (God) Mind.  These affirmations are from the school work from the University of Metaphysics.
I’ve been doing this routine for some time.  But today they must have taken hold.  I just was THERE – without the thoughts of “what will I eat for lunch,” “what will I do at work today,” “this guy is driving his car too slow/fast…” None of that.  I was just THERE and enjoying the moment without any surface thought.

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