Dream and God

While dreaming last night, I became aware of the dream. This in itself isn’t something new, but I dDecided that instead of changing the dream or waking up, that I’d reach out for a deep question to be answered.

I sought, with my intent, to understand or feel the presence of God. That part of the dream was lost from memory. I do remember it was a peaceful feeling.

Where I remember the dream, is just after that. I saw myself in a long room, similar to a restaurant. In that space, I asked, “does God approve of me?”

With the question, a single door at the back wall of this room opened. The door was blue in color, with 4 little glass windows. I walked up to the door, a bit afraid to cross the threshold… I always wonder, “what if I die,” when approaching the subject of God in dream. It’s a personal fear.

At any rate, I stepped through and found myself on a dirt road. As I began to walk along the dirt road, there was a child’s car. Like those cars kids peddle. It was standing in my way. In the dream, I felt “stuck” behind it. I understood this to symbolically refer to obstacles holding me back.

These obstacles were easy to walk around or avoid, but I was allowing myself to get stuck behind them. Having walked around all the stationary obstacles, I continued down the road, and then a dust storm picked up.

The dust filled the air and made it quite difficulty to see the path anymore. It was a wall of moving dirt. This is where I felt the path was uncertain, or difficult.

There was a fear of wondering off the path, as I couldn’t see the road ahead.

Perhaps it referred to fear. Or it might be symbolic of my lack of faith to push on, when the sensation of God is missing. The path is perhaps each step I take with the intent of God. But my nature was to expect a path to follow.

This is where the dream ended.

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