Guidance on Mother

In the realm of ancestor guidance, I reached out to my “grandmother” for advice on a topic. The resulting answer could have been my “higher self,” a benefiting entity or some other phenomena. I will call it simply, Grandmother. In this life, I never knew my earthly grandparents.

My mother has moved in with me and she is quite difficult. Constantly she bombards the family with complaints. She complains non-stop through each day.

Beyond the complaints are the insults. She insults people and talks down to others throughout the day. Sometimes she raises her voice at us and treats us terribly.

All of the above has been a source of conflict within the family. I’ve found myself snapping at her, talking back to her and putting her in her place after these outbursts.

Last night, however, I wanted a better solution. I sat down and mentally asked, “Grandmother, how can I better resolve this situation with my mother?”

Through my mind, I felt this thought surface:

“Love her as she truly is, not as who she appears to be.”

From my perspective, we are all extensions from God. From source we come, and we are still linked back to Source. Most of the time people behave contrary to their rich heritage. But we all have access to our highest nature…. our TRUE self.

I went somewhere quiet and I imagined this… I closed off my thoughts and simply visualized my mother’s True Self. What I saw as a giant statue, glowing white. It resembled Kwan Yin.

Bowing to the statue, I was humbled in its presence. It didn’t turn or change. It did however speak:

“Who are you?”

At that moment I understood who I was…

“I am a child of Heaven and of Earth.”

By that statement I actualized the truth that each of us is a child of Heaven and of Earth – we are an extension from God… from perfection to humanity and further out to darkness.

As I am a child of Heaven and Earth, so too is my mother. So too is everyone. With these thoughts, I warmed in compassion to all sentient beings.

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