Henosis: Extensions from God

Recently I released a book on the spiritual topic of Union with God. I titled the work “Henosis” which in itself translates into English as “Union.”

What I intended to convey is the idea that we are all extensions from a single Divine source. That all spiritual beings, entities and the like are likewise extensions from this very same source.

The theme of union is in the work of reversing the flow – moving from our current state into the Godly state. Through the process of return, we start to lose the nature of the carnal / material world. It is a must for the mystic process of return.

Most of us (myself included) climb a ways towards God, and slip into the murk of the material world. But we get up and try again, and again. There are many pressures and lures to hold us in place, to keep us a prisoner but with perseverance, we will overcome all obstacles and permanently merge into higher states of consciousness.

Diagram of God

Think of God as a child draws the sun. They draw the sun as a circle (source of light) with lines radiating outwards. These lines are the energy of the sun, the rays of light.

Diagram of God

The above diagram is simply a metaphor. Source can’t easily be put into words or image. However, we can conceptualize God as a source, like the sun, radiating out rays of creation.

The above diagram has only 8 rays for simplicities sake. In reality it’s an infinite amount of rays of light. All of creation is a ray of light. You are a ray of light, I am a ray of light… all created things (carnal, etheric, spiritual, ec.) are rays of light…. but again, this is a metaphor for the expression of God.

This isn’t a literal ray of light, but the concept conveys well with that illustration I think.

Diagram of Individual Expression

Like a ray of light, radiating from a light source, it decays. At one end the ray is pure, clear light (as it is closest to the source) and at the other end, the ray of light is hardly discernible anymore.

Below is a closeup of this concept. Consider this metaphor for a ray of light to be you, or me. We are the totality of God’s expression. We are the totality of the ray (from the brightest, to the darkest.) But we exist only at one spot at any given moment. That spot, where we sit on the line, is our sense of self.

In the closeup above, the ray of light is being depicted as projecting outwards. On the far left we have Source itself. The light is radiating away from it, and that light is a metaphor for individual creation.

At the state where the ray is the closest to Source, I drew a purple rectangle and labeled it “Higher Self.” This is our purest, clear consciousness.

The ray of light extends to the right, into the void… the darkness. As the darkness resists, the light degrades. It begins to manifest more material, and less clear light. Moving away from Source our nature degrades just enough to become more individualized. Perhaps it starts as a higher realm consciousness. Something highly angelic. Further on, it may become something more akin to a spiritual guide, or demigod. Further down it picks up more darkness than light, and that becomes our awareness of a physical body in a physical realm. Beyond that, is more darkness than light.

This blue rectangle in the diagram, labeled consciousness, is the sense of self. Where it resides on this scale, is our sense of self, as well as our sense of reality.


If your (or my) consciousness shifted to a very high state of mind (close to Source) we would experience reality differently. There would be no physical world. Our identity would be more inclusive of other forms of creation. Oneness would be the key definition to this experience.

We who experience the physical realm have a consciousness rooted right here. For some their consciousness is a physical world of extreme hardship and pain. For others it may not feel that bad, but it still has a sense of loss and distance from God.

Movement & Guidance

I also marked some movement indicators:

  • “Spiritual Movement”
  • “Guidance”

Spiritual movement is movement towards God (Source) and material movement is towards a grosser form of reality. This arrow indicates our nature to find union with God. As we grow spiritually, we let go of more of our nature, to embrace more of God. We lose ourselves, to gain the All.

This is why those who meditate and practice the spiritual path, in time, begin to tap into intuition. They may see visions, or have paranormal experiences… this is due to the gross material of the illusionary world falling off – revealing more of true substance that creates All.

Guidance is marked as those temporary insights through prayer, meditation or other spiritual work. These are the moments where in quiet contemplation we extend further towards Source, just enough to gather clear data, and bring it back.

This data is often filtered by blockages. As we move spiritually (closer to God), we have less blockages. That is the path of the spiritual seeker. Through their religion or mystical path, they shift closer to God and make a foothold that’s closer than who they used to be. As such, they find clearer insights. The process continues, until total enlightenment, or union with the Higher Self is realized.


Another marker on the diagram is called “Projection.” In my view, this is our temporary spiritual movement. Unlike guidance, projection is where our consciousness moves beyond the confines of the body and material realms.

Some may call this astral projection. It returns to our current state of awareness, and isn’t permanent change in itself. It can offer us insight and clues into truth, but like guidance it suffers from the blockages along the way.

Adhering to the spiritual path, will move us through the blockages, so that the data is more clear and pure. The danger, however, is when we mix the world into our reality and path.

When we desire more of the world, fear elements of the illusion or are angry with it, we root ourselves in place.

Nature of Reality

The line diagram above, can also be considered as the realms of existence. Much like the individual, this is the manifested reality. As this is closest to Source, it’s very sublime. It almost lacks individual nature. There is a oneness with all things.

Further away, the higher realms are experienced. Further yet, individuality takes a stronger hold, but it’s still very deep and spiritual. There could be heavenly realms filled with angels, gods and goddesses, high spiritual beings and the like.

Moving further out, we ultimately slow down enough to form a sense of mater. This isn’t the physical universe yet, but more like the echo of the physical universe. The basic blueprint in spirit material, that bleeds into physical cohesion further out. This is what I would think of as the Astral Realms.

The material realms, or Physical Universe, is where individuality is very strong. This is where all manifestation of all universes in the physical based dimensions manifest.

Beyond the physical realm… who knows. The Hebrews called that darkness as the realms of the Qlippoth (broken shells), where light is nearly non existent.

The Work

You can call it Enlightenment, or Self-Realization, or Oneness with God. Whatever we call it, the work is always the same. It is beyond the constructs of rigid religion. These are the areas of the mystic and personal experience of God.

The work moves our attention higher, our focus is adjusted little by little. There will be times were the world pulls us back down. When we find ourselves back into materialism, greed, lust, hate, envy… we know we’ve fallen back into the muck of the world.

All is not lost. We need to readjust. Centering back on our path towards Source, we set our sails again and use spiritual practice and devotion to carry us further than before.

The Enemy

There is an enemy, as much as there is God. The enemy is not a massive evil presence “out there,” but something as close to us as our own skin.

That part of us, that tells us we are (only) physical bodies, that whispers lures us back into riches, greed, lust and fear… that is our enemy.

I believe this enemy is made of three emotional states and by these states we are controlled and put in our earthly prison:

  • FEAR


It is fear that makes us think we are separate from God. It pulls the consciousness marker down as far as it can. Once we are afraid, only then can we be controlled.


Anger is the building block of most error. Anger solidifies our attention at lower states of consciousness. With anger we see enemies, and we seek revenge. We hurt, and likewise want others to hurt. When others fail and fall, we rejoice because that’s our anger – hating the success or nature of others we perceive as greater than us (or threats.)


While true, without desire we couldn’t be born, it is also desire that holds each of us in place. How many times do people start the spiritual path, only to land a win fall of money, or gain the attention of attractive others? This attention and money, can be a blessing, but if we let it define who we are, we solidify at the same resonance. We become the person with the new car. The person with the new house, spouse, etc.

This attention and money, can be a blessing, but if we let it define who we are, we solidify at the same resonance.

Brian Warner (FindingUnity.org)

Desires here can not last. Everything decays – it is the entropy of it all. Through this decay we experience loss – which is felt as pain and suffering. Anger becomes the result of lost or unmet desires. Fear rises in response to losing the things we desire.

This becomes an endless struggle where Fear, Anger and Desire work upon one another to hold us in place.

The name of the Enemy is Ego.

Motivations of Ego

Why would I call it ego? Because “ego” is your sense of self. That sense of self is separateness, not Union. That sense of self is enmity with Union with God.

As you or I progress spiritually, those high spiritual states loosen our ego identity. We become less interested in the things of the world (or we should.) The momentum towards God has an equal loss of “self.” I should say “false self.”

To the Ego, spiritual momentum is its very death.

This is why the Ego will entrap us with cares of the world. Social Media, news, politics, love relationships, financial hardships, medical problems, these are all works of ego to take our attention away from spiritual progress.

It takes a lot of work and attention to stay on track, but it can be done. It’s how the spiritual masters ascended into God presence.

I know you can do it. I know I can do it.

I know this, because each of us is already connected and at union with the Divine Source already (remember the diagram.) We just lost our focus temporarily. We let the Ego identify us at this mundane state of affairs (illusion).

It’s is as difficult as it is easy. The path is simple – we move forward – towards God, by refocusing our attention. It might mean giving up the things of the world to some degree. But it will shift and when it does, we are better for it.

This isn’t a belief in detaching from family and friends… it is the instillment of true friendship and love with family and friends.

This also isn’t about blind obedience. It is about each of us discovering this for themselves, what is true, what is God presence.

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