The Horizon

sailboat-vue4c-smRecently I was waking up and in my mind’s eye I had a image of a spiritual being (an angel, if you will.)  I looked at him and said, “How come I’m like I am? How come I’m not better, like I want to be?”
He asked me to look in the direction of his pointing finger, and I saw an image of the horizon, and the sun beyond it rising into the sky.  I said, “I see the horizon.”
“Can you walk there?” He asked.
“Consider that for a moment,” was his only response.
I realized that like the horizon, I can’t just walk there.  Likewise I can’t expect my ego self to be better then it is.  It is the ego, it will remain acting like the ego.
As that realization came to me, he said, “…and so you’re true self is already at the horizon.  What your goal is, is to realize you are already there.”
In other words, the higher self exists already.  It isn’t something to “achieve,”  but rather to experience a state of identification with that Higher Self that already exists.
Instead of trying to beat down the ego and say “ego stop being selfish. Ego stop thinking negatively!”  I should accept the ego for what it is.  Not convert it. Rather, I should accept that my higher self already exists and is available to me right now, as it is eternal.  Where that Higher Self is, there too is the Divine Source.  They are touching and linked.
“If I’m already at the horizon and I’m not my ego… who am i?” I joking laughed the question.
The angel simply replied, “You are that.”
When we meditate, we don’t “overcome the ego,” we just get out of tune with the ego, and become in tune with something else – our eternal self.  Certainly there are things we should improve… diet, bad habits, negative thoughts… but the path to improvement is really through the dis-identification with the ego (the self identified with the body), as we are far more then that.
Perhaps all the above was a waking dream.  Perhaps it was my imagination.  Perhaps it was real, and a real angel was talking to me.  In the end, it doesn’t matter. All that matters is, does it ring true?  Is it truth?   Study it and see.  Seek out the feeling in the heart and wonder if it makes sense.

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