Introducing Others to Themselves

What is your life purpose?  Ever wondered?

It’s part of the curriculum of the College of Metaphysics.  It’s also a core teaching of many mystic paths.
The truth is: You have a Life Purpose and so do I.  That purpose was there when you took your first breath.  What it is, requires careful and deep meditation – inward seeking.

My Life Purpose

I believe my Life Purpose is to introduce others to themselves.  What does that mean?  Well, each of us has a mundane self, and a true self.  Our mundane self is concerned with things of the world: sex, pleasure, anger, passion, needs, wants.  Our true self is beyond the scope of day to day worries and concerns.  It exists in a oneness with the Divine.  Where a person’s mundane self may steal music and movies feeling they can’t afford these things – the True self is caring, compassionate and fair.  It does not steal or hurt or harm others.
How do I introduce others to their true self?  It starts with seeing their true self.  Seeing their good, rather then their bad.  By seeing, I mean an inner knowing.  That understanding that God is there in them right now.  What God is, is GOOD. That Divine spark is there in them.  It may not be in their physical actions, but to see the real energy within, no matter now deep, and know it’s there.
Once the true being is recognized, then comes the affirmation spoken to the individual:   I admire the [True Quality] in you.  It’s really great how you can [Do this quality], and I do admire it.
I’ve seen this done in New Thought churches as affirmative prayer, but in this case, it’s more casual. In this case it is used casually to  influence a person to be their best.

Hard Part

The hard part, is this life purpose is so contrary to my mundane actions for my entire life.  I grew up pointing out other people’s flaws and mistakes.   I used defense mechanisms, to get people to side with me so my flaws were underplayed.  I played mind games for most of life.
But now I can’t.  Mind games do not last.  They are egoic and pointless.  They don’t contribute back to the spiritual path.
I’ve met people who can be told a problem, and they fix it.  Such as, “You have a problem with judging your father.”  They listen and start correcting the behavior.  But that’s RARE.  Most times, people build up arguments to defend their position.  They say, “You don’t know what my father has done…”  and the defensive posture blocks any good change.
Even my carrier is built upon finding problems.  In the mundane world, I’m a software tester.  I find bugs.  I look for flaws in other people’s work and point it out.  I’m very good at it, but I can’t let that mundane job influence how I relate to the world and people.  Because we clean a sewer for a living, doesn’t mean we see people as filth.   Divorcing the mundane illusion from spiritual reality is a must for all of us.
But imagine if I said, “I really admire how you can be fair and compassionate with your family… like your father.”  The statement is not a mind game, nor a lie – as long as it’s said in the truth of knowing the person’s true nature.  If I said it as a mind game, I’m just pulling on their ego.  But if I say it from a point of truth, then it will resonate with their true nature and work it’s way down into their actions.

Even To Myself

I do this treatment to myself as well.  When I feel a problem coming on (like anger), I realize that I am greater than my physical nature and silently say to myself, “Brian, I admire your peaceful nature.”  I affirm who I really am.

How Will This Play Out

I have no idea where this will go.  Maybe my life purpose will reach 10 people. Maybe 100.  Maybe I write a book, or maybe I just interact with a handful of people at work and within the family.  It’s not clear to me yet.  I just know this is what I’m called to do, and I’m going to do it.

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