Love her for who she Really is

I’ve had a strained relationship with my mom. Now that she lives with me it’s even harder. She complains all the time and is difficult.

Tonight as I sat down, I reached out for an answer…. I imagined I spoke to my grandmother, asking, “How can I better deal with her?”

A response floated into my mind, “love her for who she really is, not who she appears to be.”

I imagined her true self, her enlightened self… And I saw an image of a radiant statue…. It glowed white and was strikingly tall. It resembled Kuan Yin. This was likened to my mother’s true self.

Bowing in reverence I waited and she asked, “who are you?” I felt the answer, “I am a child of heaven and Earth.”. Meaning perfection and imperfection, just like my mother…. Just like all beings.

As I related in love to this higher self of my mother, I felt a deeper connection to her appearance.

In this way can we better relate to all beings.

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