Measured Breathing


The practice is rather simple.  All breath is handled via the nostrils, with a closed mouth.  One should make sure the nasal passageways are clear of obstruction and try the following steps:

  1. Inhale, mentally counting to a set number (4, for example)
  2. At the point where the lungs are full, hold the breath for the same count (4, in this example)
  3. Slowly release the breath through the nostrils, for the same count (4, in this example)
  4. Once the lungs are empty, hold the breath again for the same count(4, in this example)
  5. Repeat

With each cycle, the breath should become smoother and more sublime.  Depending on one’s stress and anxiety levels, the breath might start without any calm (jerky and rushed.)  Over several cycles, one should start to feel the breathing become very smooth.

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