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MEDITATION (Introduction)

The first time I was introduced to meditation was in a High School English class.  My English teacher (Mr. Root) taught his students a form of meditation.  Years later I would be introduced to a more orthodox version of meditation through a Buddhist temple.  It was there in 2004, when I took my Buddhist vows by our monk (Lama Marut.)  From him and Asian Classics Institute I learned a formal Tibetan style of Buddhist meditation.  It was quite wonderful and at that time, I thought that was the only or “pure” form of meditation.
From there I tried:

  • Metaphysical Meditation
  • Zen Meditation
  • Hindu/Guru based Meditation
  • Kabbalah based Meditation


My Current View On Meditation

After years of meditation, my views on it have changed considerably.  I don’t believe there is a “right” or “wrong” meditation.  Each of us is unique and has a special spiritual path.  Similarly, each of us has will be positively benefited by specific meditation styles.  Styles that work for us in the best possible way.  That’s the key.
My personal advice on how you can build your own meditative practice is to start with what interests you.  There is a reason you want to check out meditation… Perhaps you need it as an antidote to a current problem… anger, rage, guidance… or you are seeking a mystical bond with the Divine? Whatever the reason, start there.
At this point in my life I practice different meditation styles but mostly do:

  • Metaphysical Meditation
  • Mindfulness Meditation

Meditation Styles

Below you can find links to traditional styles of meditation, as well as modern styles.
This section of the site by no means claims to cover all forms of meditation.  I will list what I’ve been exposed to.
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Modern Meditation Techniques

Unlike the above techniques, these are styles that have appeared more recently.  If we keep an open mind we can find true value in each/any spiritual path and meditation style.

Metaphysical / New Thought

Metaphysical meditation is wonderful. I highly recommend reading more about it from a source that is well versed in the subject.  The above link goes to Dr. Paul Leon Master’s guided meditation site.  He shares one meditation for free on the main site (Guidance), which gives a good flavor what his meditations are like.
Dr. Masters also has a school for growing and learning spiritually: The University of Metaphysics (which offers degrees and teachings in a variety of Metaphysical subjects.)

Other Modern Meditation Types

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Eckhart Tolle

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Qabbalah Pathworking

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