My Issue with the Election

The 2016 election is upon us.  Tomorrow, Nov. 8, many people will be taking to the polls to vote in a new president.  While some find it exciting, this particular election has been filled with some of the most negative data.
For the spiritually minded, we know that this physical world is not our kingdom.  Our Kingdom is spiritual and found in our respective paths.  For many paths, the Kingdom of God is found by silent contemplation (going inward.)  This is the example of the Taoist, Hindu, Sufi, Christian Mystic and even the Buddhist.  While the Buddhist may not call this “God,” it is the same field all spiritual traditions refer to.
So why concern ourselves with the election?  Truth be told, I am not as concerned these days (although I once was) with which particular person will take on this new role of president.  I am concerned however with the roles of individuals.

Individual Consciousness

What concerns me is the state in which people are being influenced into their own darkness.  Many people are proclaiming that the “Christian” thing to do is vote for Donald Trump.  This seems to be the case in which the followers of Franklin Graham and other evangelists are driving this point home.
Why this concerns me, is that this is a further corruption of the individual consciousness.  These types of people are driving their own awareness of Divinity far from themselves.  It’s like a sickness causing more separation between their knowledge of the True self and their mundane self.

Election Corruption

When a person says that they believe in a specific path – it can be any path:

  • Evangelical Christianity
  • Catholic Christianity
  • Mystical Christianity
  • Hinduism
  • Guru Hinduism
  • Mahayana Buddhism
  • Zen Buddhism
  • Taoism
  • Their own path

Such examples of the list above have specific ideologies.   When a person is on such a path and believes that something is wrong (whether it really is or not), and then at the same time holds onto a source of salvation that represents this very same thing… they are a hypocrite.  More than that, they are corrupting their own spiritual path.
As an example:

For 20 odd years evangelical Christians have preached a political message centered on something called “Family Values.”  These family values were their own concoction of anti-abortion, anti-gay rights, traditional families (husband is the bread-winner, and the wife is the homemaker) and so forth.  Such people demanded Christian behavior on the part of the presidential candidates.  They said that if a president had extra-marital affairs, swore, behaved immoral (as they defined morality) that such a person wasn’t fit for president.
Now, in 2016, much of these same people are rushing with zeal for Donald Trump.  Their endorsement of Trump is not slight – it is in the extreme.  They scream, “Thank Jesus for Donald Trump,” or “America needs Donald Trump,” “He’ll put America First!”
I’ve seen it in real life and I’ve seen it on social media.  These examples of the same religious political movement have endorsed a person who is the opposite of the teachings that they adhered to.  I shant need to dig up every reference to his controversial remarks.  Suffice to say that Donald Trump is a far cry from the teachings of Jesus, let alone their demand for moral presidential candidates.

When a person let’s go of what they claim to be, in order to “win,” they are losing who they claim they are.  This might be fine if one were to leave one paradigm for a spiritual paradigm that is more congruent with their philosophy.  However, here one isn’t going “higher,” but grasping to the mundane.

Donald Trump

I won’t judge the man, but I will speak plainly to his focus.  He speaks about fears and angers. This is what drives the campaign. Fear of the illegal immigrants, fears of refugees, fears of Muslims – these are the early foundations of his platform.
By grasping onto a political figure, we bring our consciousness to the same realms of fear and anger. This pulls our awareness from our True nature, into the lower nature.  This is the problem.

Our Mental State

Regardless if Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton is elected, the outcome shouldn’t move us.  This is our cross to bear as human beings.  We all had a spiritual/mental part in making this happen.  This is perhaps a time of great need to become more spiritual in the face of a great leadership challenge.
What we can do however, is monitor our own mental state.  By spending time in daily meditation (morning and evening) and reading uplifting spiritual material, we can drive out the mundane mind and find our True and Higher self… we can travel upwards into the Divine mind to find unity with source.
This is afterall our calling: To learn from our mistakes and return to a Divine Union.
If you would like more information on meditation, there is much listed on this site and many others.

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