My Opinion Doesn’t Matter…

Last night, as I was getting ready for bed, a thought crossed my mind, “my opinion doesn’t matter, and that’s ok.” My mind was dwelling on a recent argument I got into on parenting and kids. I had been in a discussion with someone for over an hour. We never settled the argument and I had taken the argument into my mind where I played out all these various talking points (mentally.)

But as I retired, getting ready for bed… this thought came to me, “my opinion doesn’t matter and that’s ok.” This thought came in the surrender of my ego. As I let go of my “side” and just sat down, I became comfortable with the present moment.

A wave of peace resonated within me… I even felt the energy in the room… I could see it – hazy in the hallway… I was at peace.

Yesterday I was drawn into a story… a conflict regarding the motivations of specific political groups. But in the end, my opinion doesn’t matter and I’ll explain why.

My opinion on the things of this world – is simply the ego. The ego latches onto the world in the form of greed/desire, anger and fear. When I form the opinion about something in the world, that’s initially fine. I’ve made a decision. But what happens when my decision, my opinion, finds conflict?

This is where the test comes. The ego will react with either anger or fear. Fear will come in the form of “loosing face.” Anger might form due to the lack of understanding in the “other.” Desire may appear, as my goal to overcome the “other’s” way of thinking.

This becomes my opinion, attached to a result and it’s quite mad.

There’s no peace in such a state. By recognizing the reality at this present moment, one can only but let go. I let go of my identity. I surrendered to the great spirit, or the present energy of God. There, in that quality of moment, I had no need to be “right.”

My opinion doesn’t matter, and that’s ok.

The sentiment above, became my heartfelt identity.


This center point is held tightly, as one meditates, performs spiritual work and disconnects from the ego. The ego will grow and manifest into consciousness (self identifying with the ego) when we get frustrated or scared or desiring some outcome.

Ways of avoiding this problem, could be:

  • Avoiding conflict sources (Social Media)
  • Avoiding strong opinions (News, Politics and Comments)
  • Avoiding thinking that wonders into the future, or back to the past (stay present)

Systems to help hold our course, could be:

  • Meditate (daily)
  • Perform adorations or prayers to your Deity or religion
  • Routinely return to the present moment (mindful breathing, mindful sounds, etc.)

By avoiding the poisons and adding the spiritual frameworks to hold myself in the state I prefer (a spiritual state), I am less reactive and more prone to present moment itself.

I don’t need to be right, I just need to surrender each moment.

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