Nationalism as Ego

The ego is a false awareness we have, that thinks it is our body, or personality.  As mentioned in The Book of Virtue, this is called out as the great enemy by all mystics.  When we identify with our own body or personality, we divorce ourselves from the idea that we are interconnected to each other – and we forget we are connected to the Divine Source.

Why the Ego Fails Us

The false idea of separateness (ego) is the cause of all evil.  It is the cause of racism, inequality, war, homicide and violence.  As a person attaches to the ego (thinking themselves separate), they see “others,” who are either “greater” or “lesser,” by comparison.  This seeming separation creates resentment on one end and envy at the other.
There is no such a thing as being “separate but equal.”  Once our mind thinks it is separate, it creates inequality.  Equality is found only inOneness, and it is at complete odds with separation or segregation.


Ego is very insidious.  It can hide in plain site and will expand itself temporarily in order to remain active in one’s consciousness. Consider nationalism.  You can take a society that has many people operating at the level of individual ego’s.  Yet if a pressure comes into the society (such as war), the ego will expand temporarily to say, “I’m one of them, and we are not like the others.”
In other words, the group can temporarily take on a false awareness of separateness (a group ego.)  There is still a concept of “other,” and this “other” is at odds with the group.  The group will face down it’s enemies with anger and hatred.  Yet again ego creates inequalities, just in the form of an organization.
Nationalism, is a prime example of this attitude.  When a nation goes to war, it’s interesting how the members of the nation fuse into groups supporting the nation (or opposing it.)  A collective ego is formed, then in time people will break out to their individual roles.
Recently I saw a person share a photo of a soldier standing with a sign that read, “Vets before Illegals.
Most likely it’s a frustration on the part of the soldier, that they have needs not met, and they see some needs being met for another group (non-residents.)  However, this is a form of nationalism and a great example of the insidious nature of ego.
To adhere to the soldier’s sentiment, is to say, “I’m with this group” (in this case the veteran) vs. the other group (non-residents)  The moment a person makes this distinction, they have associated with ego and erroneously identified themselves as separate from the “other.”

We Are The Same

There is no difference between any of us, at our core we share the same doorway to God.  The Eternal Mind of God lives within the “illegal immigrant,” as well as the “heroic veteran.”  To place one above the other is contrary to God and actually creates hostility and aggression.  It also returns negatively to those fused with ego based consciousness.
Jesus said in Luke 17:21

“The Kingdom of God is within you.”

Before you say, “Wait, my Bible [NIV or other newer translations]  says ‘The kingdom of God is among you,'” check out my other posts on the matter.  The correct translation of the Greek word entos (used in this passage), is within.  Newer translations, translate enots as meaning “among”- such translations have no basis, other then theological goals.
In the Gospel of Thomas, verse 3, Jesus is quoted as stating a similar sentiment:

If your leaders say to you, ‘Look, the (Father’s) kingdom is in the sky,’ then the birds of the sky will precede you. If they say to you, ‘It is in the sea,’ then the fish will precede you. Rather, the (Father’s) kingdom is within you and it is outside you.
When you know yourselves, then you will be known, and you will understand that you are children of the living Father. But if you do not know yourselves, then you live in poverty, and you are the poverty.

From the East, we have the teachings of Antaryami (“the controller within”), which is a description of the Divine source being within all of creation.
Through meditation, we look inward (rather than outwards) and discover this connection (doorway) to the Divine source.  As this is discovered we realize the teachings of East and West on this subject are correct – the Divine is within.
Therefore, if God is within each of us – None is greater and none is lesser.  No one should demand themselves to be put first, as we are all equal.  To benefit one of us, is to benefit all… yet the mundane mind of the ego can not understand that.  To the ego we are all participating in a Zero Sum game (the idea that when one wins, another has to loose.)

The First Shall Be Last

By stating that “you” or “your group” deserves to be first, you actually create the opposite force to return to you.  What you are sending out is selfishness (ego.)  What you will get in return, is the duality of the physical world – the appearance of continued restriction and lack.
Perhaps society does hear this soldier’s cry and gives him a pass to the front of the line for some benefit. It will not be lasting, it can’t be, as he is sending out selfish ego – the return to his personal life will be the same.  There must be a return for his intent – a return of his self focused nature.  This return may come in the form of his family not respecting him, or feeling less than another group.  Perhaps it will be in the form of always struggling to get by.
Similarly if any non-resident were to secretly think, “I want to be first, above the veterans and others,” they too would get a return of negativity – because that’s the attitude behind such sentiment.  In this case, I don’t read minds and I never see people saying, “Non-Residents above veterans.”    As far as I can tell, this is a sentiment from the soldier and political Right-Wing groups.  It’s no different than the sentiment of “Duetchland uber alles,” and it carries with it a similar return.

Needs Met

If you want needs met, give what you have.  Stop looking at someone else as being your nemesis.  Stop the labeling and finger pointing.  That will not save you, nor make you happy.  If you think it gets you a sliver of gain, it will come with a landslide of future problems.
Escape the mindset of duality.  Let go of the blame and look at your enemy as yourself.  If you dislike the non-resident and blame them for your problems… STOP, take a breath, and forgive them and yourself.  Love them and love yourself.  You are both pure at heart – within all of us, is God.
If you hate or blame selfish people, like that veteran who raised the sign – STOP, take a breath and forgive him and yourself.  Let go of the anger and apologize to God.  Vow to not be angry with another… for that’s just their ego.
This is what was meant, “Father forgive them for they know not what they do…” It is the ego that acts out the selfish nature, not the God Mind.
By putting others first, our needs are met.  If you feel that you have served society and deserve something, you have more lessons – when you truly have served, you will continue to help others before yourself.  There should never be a sentiment of, “Put me and my kind above those others.”  Until you can perfect that, you will always feel last.

  • Mentally find those you feel are getting gain over you.
  • Locate your anger in your body… and let it go.
  • Let go of the feelings of resentment and love those groups you feel are your nemesis.

That is how your needs will be met.
In the peace of God,
Rev. Brian Warner

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