New Thought Christianity

New Thought Christianity

In the book, “The New Thought Christian: An Introduction to the Life-Changing Concepts of New Thought” William Warcb describes Christianity vs the New Thought take on Christianity.  He describes the metaphysical interpretation of Bible.  This is a New Thought perspective of the Christian Bible.  It doesn’t take the face value of orthodox teachings, but instead looks deeper to fit a paradigm where humanity is inherently perfect and trying to reach into the individual self to reclaim that perfection… and thereby find God.

If someone asks you, “Are you a Christian? Do you believe Jesus died for your sins? Are you born again? Do you know that you are a sinner and live with a good deal of guilt and shame?” you can honestly answer, “Even though I may not believe in those humiliating details, I am a Christian. I am a New Thought Christian because I am developing an awareness of God and my true nature.”
William A. Warch. The New Thought Christian: An Introduction to the Life-Changing Concepts of New Thought (Kindle Locations 66-68). Kindle Edition.

Having been stepped in the traditions of the East for so long, it was an interesting shock for me, when I once again returned to the Bible for wisdom.  I found those verses that I had dismissed in 2004, when I took my Buddhist vows. From that point, I really didn’t pursue the works of the Bible – I moved through a variety of religions, but each were their own faith.
As I entered New Thought, I came again to the Bible and found John 3:16 and John 14:6, the two most quoted passages by orthodox Christian faith, to establish  Jesus as a man who is not only the object of worship, but the only direct connection to God.


What my experience taught me was that most of the Faith’s I tasted were deeply rooted in the same peace of God that existed in my early childhood churches.  I found God, and Spirit in many faiths in the East – including Hinduism.   So the experience became the indicator of truth.  I no longer needed a dogma.
My father had a recent illness that took him close to death. In fact he thought he died.  After his recovery he has become very insistent upon me reading the Bible.  He has pushed hard on me daily to return to a faith in God.  But I can’t easily tell him “I’m at peace with God, just not in your understanding.”
When you experience a truth, it trumps a dogma.  What if you experienced a star lit sky, but a dogma tells you there is no stars in the sky?  Who do you believe?  Experience.

Understanding Scripture

For me, I take that experience of mine, to try and make sense of any scripture.
Equal to this is to not have expectations on others to believe like I do.  After all, I’m coming from the realm of experience and their experience will be different than mine.

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