Question: How to Comfort a Child

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Licensed from Fotolia © Elena Ray –

How to Comfort a Child

“How do I comfort a child?  What if I have no experience being a parent?”

The best place to start, is by centering yourself.  Take a deep breath.  Let it out, slowly.  Relax.
Now ask yourself: How do I want to be comforted?
A child is no different, except they have less life experience.   Treat a child, like you wish to be treated.
Ways we can comfort a child:

  • Listening
  • Telling stories
  • Expressing compassion and interest in them
  • Provide a sense of safety

I have found that my son prefers to play games as a form of comfort.  To spend time with me, playing with his toys, lets him feel a connection with me.
We are the same.  As adults we all want to feel comforted. Some seek it out from other human beings, others seek it out from pets, and some seek it from God.
We all want to feel loved.   By loving others, we feel more comforted and loved.  Healing operates on both ends.  So by comforting a child, you may feel comforted as well.

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