Spiritual Failure Today

This morning my thoughts where about politics and the spiritual. My own failure in this regard allowed me to see what it’s like from both sides (the spiritual vs. the political) and how there is a great danger in the mixing of the two.

The World’s Power

Before addressing the spiritual failures of today, I would like to discuss the view of reality that I have. As most spiritual traditions believe, I do not accept this present condition/world as our “real world.” There is a far greater reality than this physical universe.

I also feel it important to address the nature of “world” itself. Apart from the physical nature of the world, the “world” around us has a radiation, a collective agreement that holds its membership in sway of its illusion. As mentioned in my book “Henosis,” it is with the elements of FEAR, ANGER and DESIRE that the “world” has power over us. If we allow our fears, angers or desires to control our actions – we let go of our true nature and began to “think like a human.” That is to say, we act like this is the only world there is, and become reactionary, anger and violent.

Why it’s a Failure

When a spiritual belief is also a political ideology, we mix something pure with something impure. It’s the old adage about putting new wine into old wineskins. Doing so will simply cause the wineskins to burst.

Political Disease

Every political system is based on the idea of lack and limitation. It is a system of organization based upon the physical world limitations. Every system then tries to organize resources based upon this ideology. The Marxist Socialist political systems would say that the worker should get the power of resource management (as they built and provided the labor to build the economy.) Whereas the Conservative Capitalist political systems would say that the resource management should scale to the owner/operator. Both are trying to control and organize a belief in limited resources. In other words, “who should get the biggest piece of the proverbial pie? Who then gets the next biggest…” and so on.

Such political systems create rules on who is allowed to enjoy the fruits of the economy… can foreigners? Who is allowed to work for a wage?

When people seek positions of power within political systems, they most often utilize fear, anger or desire to win over large sections of society. By doing so they gain the support of the people, in order to hold their powerful positions.

By scaring people about their jobs, their lack of resources being consumed by “outsiders,” or by worrying people about the encroaching “other” nation at their borders… only then can a population be controlled. Fear and anger are great motivators.

Contrast with the Spiritual

Now, contrast this with the spiritual way of thinking. In almost every spiritual tradition, there is an idea that “God will provide.” Buddhists perhaps are a bit different (due to their lack of view on a “God”) but the Buddhist does believe in a spiritual power of karma. Similarly, all religions and faiths hold to an idea of unlimited supply meeting their needs (either via God or via karma.)

When Jesus addressed His following about the treatment of others, a repeated opinion was raised: Give unto others.

But why give? Does giving to the homeless man really help that person? Who is really helped in giving? The act of giving really is for the giver. It detaches us from the “physical reality” of lack and limitation. It sets in our mind the idea that God will provide, and in faith of that, I will provide for others.

Why love your enemies, as Jesus commanded? Because the way out of this world, is by the renewing of your mind… by seeing the world as it is – false. When we act with compassion we act counter-human… we act counter-world.

As Jesus said, “those who live by the sword will die by the sword.” This wasn’t just a statement to a specific person, this is profound truth:

Those of us who live in the world (through fear, anger or desire) will be consumed by it. This is death, as it takes us far from Spiritual Life.

Historic Falls of Faith

Throughout history there has been a degradation in the spiritual message to the masses. This is due in part to the mix of “the world” into the spiritual path. Consider the following examples:

The Christian Struggle

The teachings of Christianity were contingent upon the writings and worlds of Jesus. Prior to Constantine, the Christian faith was diverse and for the most part, pacifist. It was a faith built upon the ideals that the world around us is not our Kingdom. The real Kingdom of God was seen as something intangible and spiritual.

When the Roman ruler Constantine claimed to have a vision of “Jesus” that showed him conquering the world in the symbol of the cross, not only did he error greatly in the theological goals of Jesus – He also bound the faith to a political regime.

This taint in the Christian faith (that started around 350A.D.) has persisted to this very day. In America today the words Republican and Christian are almost synonymous.

Where the political parties will demand people be “kicked out,” or “put on trial,” or “executed…” the faith goes right along with it all. They are bound together and share the same fate.

The Buddhist Struggle

To compare with another religion, look at the consuming anger and hate of the 1940’s Japan. Their society fell so far, so fast, that they took Buddhism and Shintoism as the founding practices and invoked them into a war machine.

By convincing soldiers that to suicide in battle was “good,” they moved far from the ideals of Buddha. The entered into a fear and anger based ideology. Fear of Americans fueled their war engine, which (as all worldly things do) ultimately collapsed.

The Fall of Modern Spiritualists

Spiritual groups and movements came about through the failures of orthodox religions. They saw the error of identifying with the world and sought a better way through. The 50’s and 60’s in America gave rise to a many different spiritual movements. America was introduced to Buddhism, Hinduism and many other spiritual traditions.

Rather than repeat a “religion” these faiths began as spiritual movements in America. The trappings of the religions were often lost, in favor of the truer ideals of letting go of the things of this world.


In 2016 that all changed. 2016 was one of the most brutal and politically dividing moments in America. One man running for president was so outspoken against outsiders and other faiths, that these people were demonized. His platform took political fear to a whole new level.

Running for presidency, he became the icon for White Nationalist organizations, who openly supported his presidential candidacy.

Even his own political party rejected him for a time, until they saw which way the wind was blowing… people embraced the fear, anger and desire to “make America great again.”

The Backlash

Society responded to this with their own fears, angers and desires. The Anti-Fa movement sprung up to fight the fascist movement. People were torn, fighting mad and killing each other.

Several massacres would happen on American soil, from Americans. Americans feeling their heritage of American First was being tarnished by outsiders.

This created anger and hate in other sides, who then attempted to massacre innocents in their own retaliation.

The Spiritual Backlash

Spiritual movements fell into the anger and fear as well… as I did. I fell into this fear and anger for about a year of my life. But I woke out of it. I don’t recall the realization moment, but there was a point where I realized my thoughts were consumed with anger. I was constantly fighting and debating people online. I was engaged in a social media war, as were many others. When I saw what I had become… when my higher self, slapped me awake, I returned to the spiritual path.

However, I saw in many spiritual teachers, this same obsession with politics. “If only we can win the next election,” they say. “We must fight and debate every conservative online,” they demand.

But in doing so, each and everyone, lost their footing. They became as the Constantine Christians. They took on the political faction as their goals.

Why Are We Here?

“But we’re here in the physical world, why are we here, if not to engage with opposition to truth, life and liberty?”

I’ve heard that so many times and the answer is simple:

Yes, you are here in the physical world, but you are not to be part of it. This is how you grow, how you wake up and how you become enlightened. In the face of adversity you strive to your spiritual core!

Do we engage with the world? YES! But only as it helps others AND our spiritual awakening. When we reach a tipping point where our engagement is out of FEAR, or ANGER or even DESIRE – we are no longer acting spiritually.

What I mean by “Acting Spiritually,” is that the spiritual method across all faiths and traditions, is to “wake up” to truth. When our path is focused on fear and anger over the things in this world, we go back to sleep… We become part of the world… we DIE the spiritual DEATH.

So yes, engage, but keep mindful and when you feel your engagement is because of FEAR, ANGER or DESIRE, take a moment to readjust the path you’re on.

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