The Teachings of Jesus

Recently I discovered that many of my videos came under verbal attack.  Several people were outraged over a piece I did, where I showed the teachings of Jesus were contrary to those who desire war and violence. Honestly, I shouldn’t even have to do a piece like that… however the modern age we live in, is filled with people demanded blood and then later saying, “Jesus loves you.”
In this specific video, I quoted and gave citations from the New Testament.  Then I talked about the teachings of Jesus in general.
My video offered no blame and no attack.  Just quotes from the Bible and how they are contrary to those who desire war and vengeance.  What I got was a lot of hatred.  This has happened before.  I’ve even had my life threatened by “Christians” who are outraged… angry that I evidently quote Jesus against bigotry and hatred.
Here are some typical responses I get:

  • you don’t know the bible
  • well the bible also says… [and it’s a quote from modern fiction]
  • let’s talk about [some other subject]
  • let’s not talk about the past
  • this isn’t “real world.”

The first one is somewhat humorous.  I will quote Jesus (and give the citation) of a passage commanding a certain behavior (such as Matthew 25:35-46  the passage on the requirement to give to those in need) and I’ll be simply told, “You don’t know the Bible, there is more than just this.”  They never offer their own quotes. They just walk away saying “well you don’t know anything.”
“Knowing the Bible,” is easy these days.  Sure, I’m the son of a minister and I was raised with the Bible.   I also am a minister myself… but you don’t require special training here… we have the powerful Google at our fingertips.
So I ask them, “Ok show me the reference where Jesus tells us to be selfish, that we worked hard for our money why give it away… don’t let anyone in the country that doesn’t belong, care for your own people first… take care of your nation’s problems before helping others in need…”
Of curse no such quotes from Jesus exist.  Sometimes the violent ones will quote where Jesus took a whip to scatter the thieves in the temple.  Other’s may quote Paul here and there.  Yet, the commands of Jesus still stand and they usually have no come back.
Sometimes I get “well the Bible also says…” as recently happened when someone told me that God taught, “if you give a man a fish, he’ll be hungry in an hour but if you teach him to fish…” Well not only is that not a passage from the Bible, it’s actually from a work of fiction called Ms. Dymond, written in the 1800’s.    There is nothing wrong with the passage. In fact it’s a great sentiment, but it shouldn’t be used to convey “God’s law,” nor excuse “to not give to those in need.”
Then there are those who will instantly jump and shout, “well what about abortion, the most heinous of acts…” That’s called diversion tactics.  They can’t deal with Bible contradicting their own belief so they jump out and say “ok let’s talk about this which I know is right!”
What few seem to get… I’m not about converting people to one religion or another.  I’m not about “winning an argument.”  I want people to instead be true to themselves.  If you really want a belief of selfishness, anger, hatred, bigotry… that’s fine, just stop calling yourself a disciple of Jesus.  Stop claiming Christianity.  Become something you are compatible with…
Some will say, “Religion [XYZ] isn’t as good as Christianity… The Christian faith is the only good one that isn’t violent.”  I love the teachings of Jesus, but all human organized groups fail us.  People who create religions around a central teaching, often fail us.  To suggest that christianity (unlike another religion) is without violence… is a great error.  We can talk about the post Constantine antics, such as the crusades… or into the modern era of witch burnings, that infamous crazy German who thought he was doing God’s will… or the Norway shooter who claimed he was of the Christian faith, which guided him as he killed 77 adults and children.
“Ah but those are not true Christians.”
“Then how are the ‘violent religion outbursts’ also examples of their faith?”
“Well my religion may have violent people, but our Holy books don’t preach violence and theirs do…”
“Then what about the Old Testament…” [Offering a plethora of quotes]
This is where the conversation goes left and I hear this time and time again, “well let’s not live in the past, I’m talking about the present moment.”  The present moment? You mean that ever changing point in time where anything is possible?  No, you mean a recent history where your group happens to have not done anything violent, while another group has.
Finally, if you can last to this point, you will ultimately land on this response:
“This doctrine doesn’t work in the ‘real world.'”
In other words, to love our enemies, to give to others, turn the other cheek, let the stranger into our lands, help the homeless, give aid with no restrictions… such attitudes are not for the real world.
Again, that’s fine – just stop claiming to be a spiritual person.  Even in Metaphysical societies I see this.  I can’t even imagine how this occurs.  But it does.  In Metaphysics we know that a person gains more by giving more.  We know that we have an infinite supply that has already met our need.  We live in a state of positive affirmation….
…and yet… people who graduate Metaphysical groups will get on the soapbox and start shouting, “we need to police our borders, we need kick people out we don’t have enough jobs. Taxes are going up to pay for medical coverage, we can’t afford this…”
All of that, is a toss of the face of New Thought philosophy and a return to the mundane mind.  If you know that you have an infinite supply, why are you concerned about others coming into the country?  Because you are slipping from the spiritual to focus on the material.
Instead of pointless debate, let’s simply ask ourselves… do our spiritual beliefs matter?  If they do, why don’t we follow them in all aspects of life?  If we can’t consider these ideals as “real world,” (rejecting them for some mundane worries) then why have beliefs at all?

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