The Way, Truth and the Life

The Way, Truth and the Life

[creativ_pullright colour=”red” colour_custom=”” text=”For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that who soever believeth on Him would have everlasting life. John 3:16″] There are several passages that have been taken to refer to the primary role of Jesus within the orthodox Christian faith.  In general we see the quotes of John 3:16 and John 14:6.
I used to believe in these as primary doctrine when I was of a Fundamentalist mindset.  What changed for me, was finding the same peace of God in a variety of other religions and spiritual groups.  I had to try and understand a more unified theory.  If God is present and working in Hinduism as well as Christianity, how could I possibly reconcile these verses?  Was the Bible wrong?  Or perhaps I just didn’t understand the verses.

Consider the Orthodox (Fundamental) Perspective

For the moment, let’s ponder the orthodox version of this doctrine… It would say that a person is a) lost and going to hell and b) God sends Himself (or a messenger) to redeem them… but c) God sends this messenger to only a small part of the world
That would indicate that God is willing to let most of humanity go to hell.  It also invalidates part of the verse here… It starts, “For God so loved the world…”  Yet the world wouldn’t get this message for perhaps 1500 years after the event of the crucifixion. If there was a dire need to reach everyone, and this love was immense, would not the method be given to all cultures at the same time? Why would man be the spread of the doctrine, when the spread is so slow and hell is seemingly so eternal?
I can’t accept that. Some can, but I can’t. It also deviates from my own personal experiences of seeing miracles, experiencing the spiritual peace of God in a variety of spiritual paths.

Consider the Alternative

My personal experiences tell me that there are many ways to God.  I’ve seen in my life, that many different beliefs all reach the same Divine peace of God.  While intellectual knowledge might be falsified by ego and spirits, the peace of God can not be fabricated or imitated. Once felt, you know it. It has a very distinctive feeling.
In contemplative prayer, I feel God would say:

There is but one God, it is the God of your heart. The Kingdom of Heaven is within you – Jesus was a manifestation of truth. One of many.  It is irrational to think that only one person gave the key to heaven.

The door is unlocked by the seeker – we are seekers of the eternal light within.  Remember – seek and you shall find, knock and it will be opened.
This path of seeking was the path of Jesus, through it he found the perfection of the soul… this is the spiritual bond of God and soul… it is the oneness we share with God and through it comes the manifestation of Christ consciousness.

Be ye perfect, even as your Father in Heaven is perfect.

As Jesus said in Matthew 5:48, “be ye perfect as your Father in heaven is perfect.”  This is a truth of our goal.
People seem to think of Jesus as a being of worship, listening to what he said as Him and Him only.  Think of it more as God through him – as a prophet.  If a prophet spoke of an event, would you say “that Prophet said this…” or would you rather say, “God said this through his prophet?”
His words were not about believing on him (as an act of worship at the exclusion of all other paths) but rather God speaking to say “believe on his spiritual path, follow it… and there you will find God…”
This way of thinking validates my personal experience: that all paths can find God, if they but earnestly seek Him within.  The “son of God” is the consciousness of God that was birthed in Jesus.
Eternal life, is the spiritual freedom.  Death is the rejection of freedom. But despite what you have read, it is not eternal. It is a process of return until the perfection is made manifest.
[creativ_pullleft colour=”blue” colour_custom=”” text=”Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, and the truth, and the life: no one cometh unto the Father, but by me. -John 14:6″] So next we come to another verse of the New Testament, that is attributed to Jesus regarding the “Way, the Truth and The Life…” It’s an excellent passage to dig deeper into.  What do you think these words mean?  Some would say that Jesus is saying clearly that he is the only way to God.  But my experiences in other spiritual paths have shown me otherwise.  I know that God is found, when sought – whether in the name of Jesus or another name.
When we look at this passage, I believe it is God saying

“You are not lost. You are found.  I found you. You are loved. I love you.  You are the way.  Each of you is the way.  The way to your own understanding of Me.”

Jesus provided a way to God.  Each of his disciples found that way.  That way led to freedom.  But the way is not resolved (complete) until you become it.  That is the perfection of “be ye perfect” and “ye are gods,” that is found int he scriptures.
Each of us finds God through THE WAY.  The way is the consciousness of God… the Christ Consciousness that was birthed in Jesus – making the Christ Consciousness a Only Begotten Son.  If we limit this to one path – such as Christianity, we do a disservice to the role of God in our lives.
Why a disservice?  Because it limits God and the power of salvation.  Salvation being the bridge of the material ego to the pure essence of spiritual matter.  The enlightenment of the being.
God is birthed in our consciousness.  This is the Only Begotten Son.  Through this birth, we have life – and that is the inward discovery of the Kingdom of Heaven.
To sum it up, I see these passages as not so much about a special icon named Jesus who’s every action is taken as the act of God – and thereby must be thought of as the only way to God… But rather, I see these passages speaking of the greater truth that we are to become like Jesus – being ourselves the receptacle of the Only Begotten Son… that Christ Consciousness from Divinity.  The path of the seeker, by whatever spiritual tradition he or she may claim to be from.

The sum total of the attributes or perfect idea of Being, identified and individualized. This man is the “only begotten Son” – Charles Fillmore


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