The Theme of Letting Go

In reading the work, “Hecate: Death, Transition and Spiritual Mastery” by Jade Sol Luna, I found the theme of “letting go,” being expounded upon. Prior to this reading, I had just felt the need to write about it a few days ago and again, each day, the theme of letting go is in my mind (conscious and subconscious.)  I find myself coaxing my conscious awareness with this advice: “let go.”
Last night, I stood before a large painting, painted by my father.  My father passed over a year ago, and here I found myself staring into this profound painting of his.  He titled the painting, “deliverance.”  It depicts a bridge.  On one side of the bridge is darkness and on the other side is the light of the sun.  A figure on the bridge is moving away from the darkness, towards the sun.
Similarly have been my meditations of late.
Today, while reading this book, I came across a passage on the nature of impermanence.  Impermanence is a spiritual concept that all things of this world decay and are lost.  The end result of attachment to things of this world (objects, people, philosophies, politics) ends in suffering.
Here’s what the author had to say on the matter:

Life is a process of evolution, but the spiritual path is a process of involution.  You have to let go of who you think you are in order to realize the divine self.  The divine self is free from illusion, delusion, decay, and bondage.  The Dark Mother is not for those who want to learn, she is for those who want to unlearn, to realize the secret of inner truth. (Page 42)

While the term “Dark Mother,” might be a source of confusion for some – it is a reference to a spiritual energy personified in the forms of Hecate and other ancient personified energies.   What is important to grasp here is the nature of letting go and its need.
Without letting go, we are stuck in the non-divine worlds of suffering.  We spend countless hours of distraction to pretend we are not suffering.  But let alone to our own thoughts, I think it’s clear that life (and its attachments) is suffering.
Life can be transformed into non-suffering – and this occurs by recognizing who we really are.  This recognition isn’t one of pretend, it is the experience of the Divine Self.  This experience (as far as I know) only occurs through spiritual practices, such as meditation.

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