Recently I came across a post of a political nature. It got my attention for a deeper analysis of the author. The author was Gorge Godwyn, and it turns out he has several posts on a theme about the growing anger of Americans.

I’ve decided not to directly post his essay, as I don’t have his permission to do so, so instead I’ll cover his theme from a different perspective.

The issue at hand relates to anger and hate. We see it all the time. I can point to fear, anger and hate on both sides of the political divide in America. Rather than point fingers, I want to talk about a central theme that George raised in a recent post.


It’s the theme of transgression. George was expressing his journey into studying the alt-right and extreme right-wing displays of open hostility towards others.

Through his posts he talks about seemingly nice people, feeble and humble people who would go to Trump campaigns. These same people though, once they got ramped up on “build the wall” chants, would transform into something else.

I’ve seen it to. I’ve seen the lure in the enjoyment of hate.

In 2016 a woman screamed at my wife. My wife was simply talking to our son in Spanish and this triggered a MAGA supporter into getting into our space and screaming, “IN THIS COUNTRY WE SPEAK AMERICAN.”

The words came with hate. There was this bitterness, this anger. The woman’s eyes were filled with this pleasure in her stance. She was standing on an anger a rage that resonated with her.

Over the last few years, I’ve seen more of this behavior. We read about students chanting “BUILD THE WALL,” to others – as though a taunt or threat. We see videos of people taunting others that someday they’ll be deported.

I’ve heard arguments defending these types of people, saying that “people are fed up,” “people are tired,” “people are scared.” Tired, fed up and scared of what? I’m not talking about a border town living in fear of a local cartel. We’re talking about people hundreds or a thousand miles removed from the Mexican border. What drives them to chant “BUILD THE WALL?

What George postulated, was that in his experience of attending Trump rallies in 2016, he saw in people a change, a glee as their anger was activated. They were being given permission (by a presidential candidate) to project their unadulterated hate and anger outwards at a target.

It’s tied to the word transgression. In other words, it’s that gleeful feeling we get doing something we think is wrong or bad. Like smoking a cigarette for the first time… There’s an excitement. That’s the excitement of willful transgression.

BUILD THE WALL,” is simply a modern version of saying “F*** YOU.” It’s a modern approach to throwing the finger. Look at how it’s said, or how people act when they toss the phrase around.

It isn’t about job losses or even about crime. The fear of refuges, hispanics, Muslims… these are simply temporary targets. What people are enjoying (as George puts it) is the enjoyment of hate. That’s the transgression.

Implicitly, people are allowed to project their anger and hate.

Previously their religions frowned on such behavior. Deep down they KNOW it’s wrong. It’s not difficult to quote Jesus condemning those who “don’t invite the strange in,” to hell. Yet Christians stand in glee screaming at someone, “Donald Trump is going to deport you,” or blaming every crime in town on “illegals.”

Hate feels good. At least in the moment. Soon after, it hurts. It brings us into a mental state of suffering. But many think that the way out is more hate… more anger.

In other parts of the world, at different historical moments, people were driven to round up “the rich” races and murder them in droves. It’s the same exact feeling. That gooey richness to do something you know is wrong, but you are given permission to do it anyway.

You can’t reason with such people. Analysis and statistics doesn’t relate to such people. If you could show them all their data is wrong, it won’t change them.

It won’t change them, because they are enjoying their ability to hate – their ability to transgress.

The Path Out

We will be tempted to fight fire with fire. But I would implore you not do so. It will only lead to more suffering. This is my spiritual belief, take it for what it is. Consider though, that if you react in anger and hate, towards the hater – they will simply see YOU as the aggressor and become even more triggered.

I followed (for a bit) a self-proclaimed “guru” who went off the deep end. He became so obsessed with how people where changing that he DEMANDED people vote and vote democrat.

While I agreed with his sentiment in part, the demand to “vote your way to a better life,” just isn’t spiritual. You vote democrat this year, and in 4 years they flip to republican again and vice versa. There’s no lasting peace.

It’s also important to realize that no political party can bring spiritual peace. Your candidate will fall to corruption and the temptation to keep defending them through their fall, will be far too great. It will be a similar delusion as we see in the religious conservatives today. Politics and religion/spirituality is nothing more than a monster.

All I can propose, is that this world is more than it appears. It has its illusionary aspect, but it also has a path of our salvation. When we deal with negatives in a positive/spiritual light, we are moving beyond the pain points – and gaining a karmic return, which is the way out. Your world can transform instantly. But that transformation from one world / reality to the next comes through the shift in one’s consciousness.

As you read this, your consciousness is yoked to the world of formation. This world of highs and lows. This duality that throws us up and down is a trap. But if you relate to it from an unmovable center – you will shift your consciousness.

By that I mean, you stop relating as a human and start relating to life as a spiritual being. From a higher consciousness perspective, the cares of the world pass away.

The MAGA teen and the elder… that recent political event… you could choose to take sides… or you could choose to love both, forgiving the aggressor and loving all.

That’s the path the elder has chosen. He chose to forgive. Maybe you think the MAGA supporters did nothing wrong… look again – look at the words behind MAGA:

MAGA by definition requires other countries to be less than ours. That’s how greatness works. That’s how duality works!

For something to be GREAT or #1, you have to have a mental sliding scale of greater and less than… This is the trap. But the way out, isn’t to hate MAGA people. It is to see them as they are… hurting people. People who are devoid of spirituality.

Regardless of their religion they are hurting because they have no connection with God.

They react in anger because their consciousness is rooted to this world and not to the spiritual.

They are your blessing, not your curse. Having compassion on them, and seeing them as your children, as your misguided parents (i.e. as someone you love) – expression love and compassion towards them, is the only way for us to shift our consciousness beyond this world of extremes.

In essence, it is through union that we overcome the angry, grinning grimace.

Be truthful to who we are, forgive others and seek that inherent union between all extremes.

All we can do is seek union with ALL. Everything else will leave us wanting. This doesn’t mean we don’t call out problems or errors in behavior. But we can’t attach to a result. We can’t react and hate the other because they still won’t change. That attachment, that reaction will only solidify us deeper into an illusionary aspect of the world at large.