What is Darkness

Skotadi, is the Greek word for “darkness.”  In analyzing the nature of mind, I can’t help but feel that an empty void really is where we ultimately trace to.  This state could be called Emptiness… For a change of pace, I’m referring to this state with an unknown word to Westerners: Skotadi (or Darkness.)

Why Darkness?

If a man wishes to be sure of the road he treads on, he must close his eyes and walk in the dark.
-St. John of the Cross

“Darkness?”  You might think it references “evil,” or “negativity.”

Darkness (as described in these pages), represents the voidness, the emptiness, the place from which all manifestation is birthed and to which it returns.  It is a potential for all things.

Darkness, in a sense, sets a stage.  

Before a play starts, the lights go out, the curtain is down.  There is a silence in the audience and one begins to feel that something is about to happen.

With a flash, the curtain is up and the lights paint the stage.

The change from darkness to light is an experience of duality.  If recognized as such, we can trace back to the moment before the duality – that oneness.  We look for the state of nothingness, or emptiness from which all things manifest.

That empty state could be “light” or we could call it “darkness,” or we could call it “emptiness.”  In truth it’s all the same.  But it’s very difficult to meditate in a place of strong light.  We can create a space of complete darkness – thereby achieving the same result.

What To Expect

This site covers a range of spiritual, mental and emotional topics that are about Emptiness and Reality.  In some cases, darkness may be used to discuss emotional pain, but in most cases, it is a goal – a place of non-egoic mind (the true self.)

This is more than a journal.  It’s a working set of knowledge and wisdom of others.  It is the outpouring of discoveries from myself, as well as those great teachers throughout history.

Meditation practices are heavily referenced and taught in these pages.  Along with the meditations, there are spiritual practices to help one annihilate obstructions.

The Book

A book is being prepared that expounds upon these subjects, guiding the reader to the gems I’ve found along the way.  This path is following a treasure map from long ago.  While I am not a guru, nor an enlightened being, I have found gems along my spiritual path – as such, I invite the reader to walk with me to discover their own gems along the path towards enlightenment.

A Final Note to the Reader

Also, keep in mind that this online journal is written in chronological order (like a real journal.)  The oldest articles at at the front, and the newest put to the back.