Writing as Meditation – The Path to Peace

pathA common theme I hear from people is the difficulty they have with meditation.  Their thoughts are wild and jumping and they find it difficult to sit and focus.  To such folks, I’ve suggested meditation practices that are simple such as breathing exercises.  Something occurred to me recently as I was writing in this blog.  Writing itself, is a form of meditation.  Writing focus’ one’s mind on a topic, and if that topic is positive and spiritual – it can generate a basic form of meditation.

Meditation: Meditative Writing

Rather than formal meditation, I’ve noticed that just sitting in a silent room by myself and writing about a topic of positive spirituality, I feel uplifted and calm.  A peace can overshadow me, when my I sit and write on the positive.  This I believe is due to the mind being focused.  When we write we set our attention on each word, each thought.  If we are writing about the spiritual, then our minds are focused on the spiritual.
While this may not have the same characteristics of formal meditation or yoga, it does have an effect upon the writer.  In my own case I find it can help me start the day when it’s stressful.

Dealing with Grief

I sit here in a house, watching my father die of an illness.  Each morning I get ready to visit him at his nursing home.  There are stressors in this situation.  People and events can stress me out.  But I found if I spent an hour or so in the morning each day, preparing my mind by writing and researching a spiritual topic, I feel uplifted.


The one caveat here, is we must keep the focus of the writing spiritual in nature.  Which means, we avoid the use of ego.  Ego can be very subtle.  It could appear as pride in our work, “Wow look what I wrote… it’s fantastic. I wonder how many people will be impressed by it? Who should I share this with?”
That type of thinking will pull a person into their ego rather than the Divine.

Starting Out

Find a Topic: To start out, find our pace. Get a blog or a journal and find a topic that’s important to you.  These days, just turning on the news is almost enough to find something important to write about.
Do Your Research: You can find almost any spiritual work online.  If you are searching for something about money, greed, lust, love or hate you can find it through almost any spiritual source online.
Take your Time: Find a quiet place and start writing.  Listen to your inner thoughts.  Don’t do this while people are distracting you, it might become frustrating. Just sit with your ideas and get them out on paper.  Avoid distractions around you (turn off the TV, etc.)
Review It: Review what you wrote and you may discover ideas that you didn’t know you were thinking.

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